МИД РФ: Париж противоречиво и высокомерно относится к странам Африки

“We hear one thing, but in fact we see that behind all these loud statements hides a banal desire to disguise the previous consumer approach to the region and reformat their work on the ground in such a way that it is possible to achieve the same results by other, more perfect, and sometimes more perfect More sophisticated methods than it was before, ”said Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

At a daily briefing at the Foreign Ministry of Zakharova, she answered the question of AA correspondent about the African round of France President Macron.

“Dreams of preserving exclusive attention in Africa and preventing other participants there, primarily in China, are still alive with Paris, this is obvious. Paris still determines the elected African countries, where he is ready to turn a blind eye to military coups and the military coups. to numerous human rights violations, if only they blindly followed the official course of official France. The same states that pursue an independent policy, that is, without a poisoning from the Champs Elysees, protect their own interests primarily, want to diversify partners in the field of economics, security, security, security, security cultures, and in general, would like to abandon the dubious honor of participation in the African club of France, the backyard of the fifth republic, they are the main violators of freedom and democracy, as they say, and the notorious order based on the rules and undergo tremendous pressure, ”Zakharova said.

Maria Zakharova noted the arrogant attitude of Paris towards the countries of Africa. She in particular emphasized:

However, the African public, modern youth, the political elites of most African countries see more and arrogant, how much the attitude of Paris to this continent remains. To many supporters of neocolonial approaches, it is difficult to understand that the peoples of Africa, their original history, struggle for independence, They have long earned the right to be friends with those countries and civilizations with whom they want to defend their national interests as they see them, develop and democratize their society without any hint from the side. “

“They clearly showed their desire for genuine sovereignty to the current president of France Macron, going to mass anti -French manifestations along the path of his African tour. It seems to me very indicative,” Zakharova added.