Мирзиёев дал старт строительству Нового Ташкента

The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on March 18 gave the construction of a new Tashkent, the press service of the Uzbek leader reports.

In this case, representatives of state and public organizations, the older generation and intelligentsia, and youth took part in this case of the ceremony.

The President of Uzbekistan congratulated the Uzbek people on the upcoming Navruz holiday and the sacred month of Ramadan, and also celebrated the ancient history of Tashkent.

“Based on the requests of the population, in recent years we have carried out great creative work in Tashkent. Now it is time to think about the prospects of its development,” Mirziyoev said.

The president emphasized that in the definition of the future capital it is necessary to think for many years to come.

“The thoughtful policy of urbanization has a great influence on living conditions, economic development, mood and culture of people,” the president said.

Further, Mirziyoev laid a capsule marked by the start of the construction of a new Tashkent.

“On the eve of a bright holiday, we begin construction with good hopes. This will be a new page in the history of New Uzbekistan,” said the head of state.

The project of the general plan of Tashkent until 2045 was developed jointly with the specialists of Great Britain, Singapore and Turkey. It provides for the creation of favorable conditions for the population, the implementation of construction outside the city, ensuring the purity of the environment, the preservation of the architectural appearance of Tashkent.

It is planned to gradually expand the territory of the capital at the expense of the border regions of the Tashkent region, and to build a new Tashkent between the Chirchik and Karasa rivers.

, in the framework of the New Tashkent project, in the territory of 6 thousand hectares, favorable conditions for living 1 million people with the provision of appropriate infrastructure will be created. In particular, at the first stage, apartment buildings will be built for 60 thousand inhabitants, 30 schools, 20 kindergartens, a multidisciplinary hospital and 5 family clinics. The University of New Uzbekistan, the new building of the National Library, theater, schools of creativity, objects of trade and service will also be located here.

When implementing the project, modern approaches to urbanization will be used. For example, a transport system will be reorganized. Public transport of the new Tashkent will consist only of electric buses. At the same time, based on the principle of “green and safe city”, comfortable conditions for the free movement of pedestrians and cyclists will be created.

In the new city, 200 thousand high -paid jobs based on innovative technologies will be created. For this, new technology parks, IT park, educational and medical clusters will be created.