More than 40 people detained protests in Istanbul

In Turkey, during those who have passed on the eve of demonstrations with a call to the Government, the police detained several people. Protests in the Istanbulsky districts of Kadykёy, Sishli, Bakırkiy, Avdzhilar and Beijaluzi, initiated in connection with the fall of the lira and the sharp rise in prices, are held for the second day in a row, reports Duvar.

It is noted that the gathered challenged slogans “Resigning the government”, “we will not leave our country a bunch of robbers and thieves”, “we can no longer reduce the ends with the ends.”

Police officers detained protesters shouting “police, away, our streets.”

According to the Turkish publication, the locals supported protests, knocking with saucepans and frying pan, while the police blocked the three main roads in the center of Kadykoy.