Murad and Uveis climbed into house, stole a safe and sat behind bars

In the Baku Court of Crime, the trial ended with the 31-year-old Murad Allahverdiev and 32-year-old Uweis Mamedov, residents of the Zagalsky district accused of large theft.

According to haqqı, the theft occurred on the night of January 1 of this year in the Binagadinsky district of the village of Rasulzade. Allahverdiev and Mammadov climbed over the fence into the courtyard of a three -story private house, broken an iron lattice and entered. Taking advantage of the fact that the house was empty in connection with the New Year holidays, the criminals took money, jewelry, as well as an iron safe, in which there were rare gold coins and other valuable objects. In total, Allahverdiev and Mamedov caused the owner of the apartment for the damage to 282 thousand manat.

The accused Murad Allahverdiev found himself guilty of the charges against him. In his statement, he said that he had just recently left prison when he decided to make the theft with his fellow villager Uweis: “We went to that area together at home. One of them liked me, but I knew that I could not rob him One, therefore, decided to take Uweis with him. He was drunk and hesitated – he was afraid of video surveillance cameras. Nevertheless, I persuaded him. We stole a safe weighing 70-80 kilograms and threw it into the car. “

Allahverdiev said – there was money in the safe in the amount of 8,500 manat. However, he did not know the exact amount and cost of gold and jewelry.

The accused Uveis Mammadov found himself guilty of the charges against him. In his statement, he said that he and Murad were classmates and were friends: “On that day, Murad bought vodka, we ate and drank together. I would never have done this on a sober head.”

The victim Huseynzade (according to some media reports, is a relative of the police general, Askur Alekperov, who was deputy minister of the interior in 1995-2014-approx. Ed.) said that he and his family have been living in 15 years in 15 years this house. The courtyard on four sides is surrounded by a stone fence and everywhere the CCTV cameras are installed.

In his statement, the victim noted that, returning home, he saw a terrible mess. Realizing that the apartment was robbed, he immediately called the police:

“Material damage was caused in the amount of 282 thousand manat. Jewelry after the detention of the accused was returned. However, another 50 thousand manat should be returned. I demand a complete compensation for damage.”

by the decision of the court of Murad Allahverdiev, they sentenced to 8 years, and Uweis Mamedov to 7 years in a maximum security colony.