NAR has joined UN global agreement in support of sustainable development goals

NAR has joined the UN global agreement, which unites a socially responsible business from around the world, withdrawing its work in the field of CSR to a new level.

According to NAR CEO Hunnara Panku, participating in the UN global agreement, Nar seeks to systematize its corporate responsibility aimed at social, economic well -being and well -being of people. “As a company guided by the principles of sustainable development and responsibility for many years, we are proud that we are part of the UN global agreement. We believe that we can achieve a better future thanks to our CSR projects that benefit the company. Joining this agreement is an example of our commitment to this goal, ”he said.

Speaking about the scale of the project, Samir Mammadov, the head of the UN Global Treaty of Azerbaijan, said: “Azerbaijani society is increasingly approaching global stability, as a general priority. This approach covers all layers of society – individuals, families, state, enterprises, enterprises and a business of various scale. Nar obligations within the Global Agreement of the UN are a vivid confirmation. Since this is still an important progress of which needs to be achieved, I am sure that “NAR”, its leadership and all employees will be a model for imitation in Azerbaijan and will play and play The leading role in the promotion of corporate stability. “

Applying the 10 principles of the UN global agreement to the CSR strategy, labor policy and various procedures, companies joining this agreement protect their obligations to the company and the planet. For NAR, the main principles of sustainable development – human rights, work and the environment are of particular importance. In this context, becoming the first telecommunications company representing Azerbaijan in the UN global agreement, NAR pays special attention to supporting the development of education, creating comfortable working conditions for its employees and supporting projects in the field of gender equality.