New terrible weapon of Israel: shell himself finds enemy

The Israeli Ministry of Defense held a series of tests of a unique mortar projectile called “Steel Sting”. The Stmegi information portal writes that, apparently, we are talking about unique developments in the world. Some details about the creation of this weapon with an Israeli political scientist Abraham Shmulevich.

Israeli political analyst notes that the Israel worked on this development of a “smart” mortar projectile for 10 years: “And it is necessary to understand that this is the future of terrestrial battle. Self-watering ammunition and systems are what will determine the actions within the ground battle. Even Already now. In this case, we are talking about a mortar projectile. Why is this especially important and efficient? Mortar, on the one hand, very compact weapons. It can be put on any car, even on a passenger one. Mortar is very effective in urban battles, in battles in Mountains and when there is a strong fortified defense of the enemy. Thanks to the vertical trajectory, he can turn any obstacle to the vertical trajectory, beat at enough distances. You can shoot from a mortar, hitting the enemy, which is 100 meters from you at the strengthen line. At the same time, “Steel String” Extremely destructive projectile. “

Schulevich emphasizes the fact that “Israel developed this system for 10 years … We know that in the United States is the development of self-equipped artillery shells and self-watering bullets. This is a bullet who herself is looking for a sacrifice, looking for an enemy and amazes him . In theory, it should give a 100% hit. In the US, development in this area is conducted. But Israel, as we see, in this respect is even more advanced country than the United States. “

According to the Israeli political scientist, in Israel, an homing system was developed in Israel, which is installed on any rifle and even on a gun: “This sight is quite massive. It weighs about one and a half kilograms. The system of the machine itself brings the rifle to the target, providing almost one hundred percent defeat. It may first take into the hands of the machine, and the only thing that he needs to be able is to press the trigger. The shot as a result will raises a 100% hit. It was developed by one of the Israeli military companies and is already adopted by the Israeli Army. “

As the Israeli political scientist emphasized, during the second Karabakh war, the Azerbaijani army demonstrated, as in the future, fighting will be carried out: “This is the massive use of drones, barragging ammunition on the battlefield. And there was no such thing. Also the future on the battlefield By the Israeli systems that we talk about. Armenia is understandable, there is nothing like that. There is no such armament with Iran or even Russia. “