“Норильский никель” пожертвовал 20 млн лир жителями зоны бедствия в Турции

The largest Russian mining and metallurgical company Norilsk Nickel donated 20 million lire to Turkey citizens affected by earthquakes on February 6.

The Norilsk Nickel statement says that the company holds various shares in support of the affected by earthquakes in Turkey.

The company allocated 20 million lires for humanitarian and medical care to those in need, the report said.

The company’s hectic director Vladimir Potanin, in turn, said that earthquakes on February 6 negatively influenced a life in a number of Turkey provinces. “At such difficult moments, help and support is a natural reaction of anyone. Norilsk Nickel contribution is our chance to help the victims of the earthquake and save their lives,” Potanin said.

The largest Russian mining and metallurgical company Norickel is also the largest producer of Palladium in the world.