ООН: генсек и его команда делают все для бесперебойной работы Черноморской инициативы

The agreement on the Black Sea Grain initiative involves its extension for 120 days, but the UN Secretary General and his team are in close contact with all parties and are trying to do everything possible so that the Black Sea initiative worked without interruptions.

This is stated in the statement with which his spokeswoman Stefan Duzharrik made on Tuesday, the press service of the organization.

As for the memorandum of mutual understanding between the Russian Federation and the UN in order to promote the unhindered export of food and fertilizer, the head of the Junktad Rebeck Grinspan, its team and general secretary make all efforts to implement it.

“significant progress has been achieved, but there are still some obstacles, especially with respect to payment systems. We will continue to tirelessly make efforts to overcome these obstacles,” the press secretary said.

Agreement regarding the Black Sea Grain Initiative, along with the memorandum of mutual understanding of the export of Russian food and fertilizer products, are crucial for global food security, especially in developing countries, emphasizes in the UN.