Орбан: Тюркский мир сыграет ключевую роль в диалоге между глобальными блоками

The Turkic world, Turkic -speaking states will play a key role in establishing a dialogue between global blocks. This, in particular, said on March 16, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, speaking at an extraordinary summit of the heads of the state of the organization of Turkic states (OTG) on Thursday in Ankara.

According to him, against the backdrop of the ongoing confrontation between Ukraine and Russia, Hungary is also faced with serious challenges.

“Our country borders on Ukraine. Today, ethnic Hungarians also die on the margins of war, from among compatriots living in a neighboring country,” he said.

He noted that bloodshed in Ukraine led to the “cross” of the whole of Europe, and the processes will also affect the Turkic world.

According to him, in this situation, the speedy cessation of hostilities and peaceful agreements is important.

Orban thanked the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan for active contacts with both sides of the conflict. “Only in this way we can achieve peace. I am grateful to Mr. Erdogan for his contribution to peaceful efforts,” the politician said.

He emphasized that the vast majority of mankind stands for peace in Ukraine.

The head of government noted further that Hungary, among the dozens of countries of the world, hurried to the aid of Turkey against the backdrop of the destructive consequences of the February earthquakes with the epicenter in the province of Kazakhmanmanmarash.

According to him, the assistance of Turkey continues to this day. It is planned to send even more than a hundred tons of medicines from Hungary to Turkey, Orban noted.

The Summit on the “Management of Natural Research and Humanitarian Assistance” was initiated by Azerbaijan against the background of the consequences of destructive February earthquakes in Turkey.

The Council of Cooperation of the Turkic -speaking states was created in 2009. In November 2021, at a summit in Istanbul, the organization was called the organization of the Turkic states.

OTG includes Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Hungary are involved as observers.