От Кремля исходят только угрозы, война, эмбарго и шантаж – Санду

President of Moldova Maya Sandu in her speech in parliament called on all political forces to set the goal of joining the EU above all interests.

In her speech, Sandu emphasized that statements about joining the EU are “these are not just beautiful words, it means good salaries, pensions, vacations when there is no concern about tomorrow”.

“In 2030, Moldova should become a member of the EU member! I ask deputies who have left this hall who do not support our country’s entry into the EU: what ideology you support? We no longer want Moldavians to run to the EU, we want So that the EU is at our house! ” – said Sandu, the words of which are given by Point.md.

“We have forces in parliament that have not yet condemned the horrors of war. Those who robbed citizens cannot wish them good, they use lies and schism to bring down Moldova from her path. Stop lawlessness! I urge all political Forces to put the entry into the EU above all interests and unconditionally support this path, ”Sandu called.

“Have you seen many kindergartens, hospitals or schools repaired of the Kremlin money? Or donations for the development of settlements? Do only threats, war, embargo and blackmail come from the Kremlin. Hence only war, suffering and poverty. EU is our only The chance to build a country in which only its citizens have the right to decide their fate, ”Sandu said

“I ask state institutions to fight propaganda that intoxicates people. We must defend ourselves from Russian propaganda and misinformation. I expect the government to prevent destabilization, and also develop economic decisions. The Kremlin pays dirty money for attempts to destabilize. Our institutions They solve these problems and are grateful to them. While I am the president, Moldova will stand, ”the president summed up.