Посол РФ в Вашингтоне заявил инцидент с беспилотником ВС США провокацией

Russia proceeds from the fact that after the incident with the United States unmanned man, he will refrain from further speculation in the media space and stop flying at Russian borders. This was stated by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Washington Anatoly Antonov. The diplomat published the answer to the media question on the topic on his telegram channel.

The ambassador recalled that on March 14 he was invited to the State Department, where he categorically rejected all the insinuations of the American side.

“brought the position of the Russian Federation. He emphasized that the American UAV, confidently and provocatively moving in the direction of Russian territory with turned off the transponders, violated the boundaries of the district of the temporary regime of using the airspace established for the purpose of its own, about which, in accordance with international standards, were All interested users of international airspace are informed, ”Antonov noted.

At the same time, Russian fighters raised into the air did not use on -board weapons and did not enter into contact with the apparatus, the diplomat emphasized.

“The unacceptable activity of the US military is in the immediate vicinity of our borders causes concern. We perfectly understand what purpose such unmanned reconnaissance and attendant devices are used,” Antonov noted.

“According to the specialist in the stratimation of J. Kirby, the American UAVs on a daily basis make this kind of spans. What are they doing thousands of kilometers from the United States? The answer is obvious: they are collected by disclosure, which is later used by the Kiev regime for strokes for our armed forces Forces and territories, ”follows from the publication of the head of the Russian diplomatic mission.

Antonov suggested asking a rhetorical question: if, for example, a Russian shock drone appeared near New York or San Francisco, what would be the reaction of the Air Force and the US Navy?

“I am sure that the actions of the American military would be uncompromising in nature that does not allow the” breakthrough “of their airspace or sea space. We proceed from the fact that the United States will abstain from further speculation in the media space and stop flying near Russian lines,- the ambassador noted the ambassador .

According to him, the Russian side perceives any actions using American weapons and technology as frankly hostile.

The interception of the Su-27 of the American intelligence unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) MQ-9 led to its collapse in the international waters of the Black Sea.

This statement was previously made by the European command of the US Armed Forces. “At about 07:03, one of the two Russian Su-27 was struck by the MQ-9 propeller, which led to a crash,” the American military statement said.