Президент Азербайджана предупредил Армению отказаться от “грязных” действий

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev warned the leadership of Armenia and some countries standing behind the Yerevan to abandon the “dirty” actions.

This was stated on March 18 by the president in his appeal to the Azerbaijani people on the occasion of the holiday of Novruz from the village of Talysh of the Tersky district.

Unfortunately, today Armenia has not yet removed lessons from the Second Karabakh war, because we see that revenge forces raised his head in Armenia, ”the head of state said.

According to the president, Armenia again appears with territorial claims to Azerbaijan, claims to Azerbaijani lands.

“We warn the leadership of Armenia so that it refuses these dirty actions. From here – from the liberated village of Talysh, we warn some countries that stand behind Armenia, abandon these dirty actions. No third -party power can affect the will of the Azerbaijani state , people, ”said Aliyev.

The president recalled that for 30 years Baku elevated his voice to justice in connection with the occupation in all international organizations, but, unfortunately, no reaction from any structure has followed.

, on the contrary, intermediaries engaged in the Karabakh conflict tried not to resolve the conflict, but to freeze it. Now the new information received two and a half years after the Second Karabakh War confirms this again, ”the head of state said.

Aliyev emphasized that Azerbaijan restored his rights to the battlefield. “Within 44 days, we expelled the hated enemy from our lands and raised the Azerbaijani flag in Karabakh. This is the brightest page in the centuries -old history of Azerbaijan,” he said.

Note on March 18, the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the wife of President Mehriban Aliyev and their daughter Arza Aliyev made a trip to the Tersky district.

The head of state lit Novruzovsky bonfire in the village of Talysh and congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the holiday.