Puces électroniques: les Pays-Bas vont freiner l’exportation de certaines technologies pour raisons de ” sécurité “

These limitations should affect the Dutch group ASML, the largest European manufacturer of machines that make it possible to produce semiconductors.

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After pressures from the United States, the Netherlands announced, Wednesday, March 8, that they were going to slow down the export of technologies for the manufacture of electronic fleas. The country of Benelux is the European leader in the machine sector intended for the manufacture of fleas, these electronic components essential for the operation of smartphones, connected cars but also military equipment.

“The government led to the conclusion that it was necessary for international and national security to extend current control of equipment exports for the production of specific semiconductors,” said Dutch Foreign Minister , Liesje Schreinemacher, in a letter to Parliament, Wednesday.

The purpose of the extension of these controls is to prevent any military use and to protect “the unique and leader” position “in the Netherlands in these technologies, according to the government.

The United States was pressure for the implementation of export restrictions after having made such a decision themselves in 2022. The announcement of the Dutch government comes less than two months after the meeting in Washington of the first Minister Mark Rutte and President Joe Biden during which the question had been discussed.

key actor in the global construction of microprocessors

Export limitations should affect The Dutch group ASML , the largest European manufacturer of machines that make it possible to produce semiconductors.

The group is a key strategic player in the semiconductor supply chain: it is the only one to build EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) machines which, the size of a bus, make it possible to manufacture fleas more advanced. These are already listed in a multilateral agreement signed by around forty countries, including the United States and the Netherlands, governing the control of exports of technologies with dual-military use. Washington wants other machines from the ASML company, older and called DUV (Deep Ultraviolet), essential for the production of fleas in China, will also be prohibited from export.

On the occasion of the publication of his Annual results in January , the group had urged governments to be “cautious” in the flea war between China and the United States. “We must be cautious about the fact that well -intentioned measures do not cause regrettable consequences,” said general manager Peter Wennink. ASML had reported a slight decrease in net profit in 2022 to 5.6 billion euros and a jump in turnover to 21.2 billion euros.

In February, ASML declared investigating the diversion by an ex-employee of the group in China of confidential information concerning a patented technology. The company, however, added that the leak was “not important” for its activity.