Путин призвал уделять внимание вопросам, связанным с “СВО” в Украине

reliable protection of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens, strengthening the rule of law and law and order – these are fundamental, basic conditions for Russia’s development as a legal, sovereign state. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at an expanded meeting of the board of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation.

The Russian leader demanded that the prosecutors react to strictly react to attempts to destabilize the socio-political situation in the country. “Prosecutors should counteract extremism more actively,” the president said.

The Russian leader noted positive dynamics in the fight against extremism and terrorism, in combating crime and corruption.

In addition, the President of Russia noted the need to pay special attention to issues related to the “special military operation” in Ukraine, in particular in the implementation of all tasks of state defense systems, the effective use of budget funds.

“I am sorry to pay special attention to the supervision of the legality in the field of the military -industrial complex (we must constantly keep these issues in the field of our vision), first of all, for the timely fulfillment of the obligations for the supply of the necessary military operations for the necessary military operations, equipment, ammunition , equipment. For a clear implementation of all tasks of the state defense order, the effective use of budget resources, ”the president said.

According to him, those funds that are allocated should be spent rationally and in strict accordance with the law.

“Prosecutors must conduct supervisory support for the modernization of the defense industry enterprises, including increasing capacities for the release of additional weapons. The work here is large -scale, large. It is extremely needed in the future. We will not do anything redundant here. But then we are doing it. But then What we do should be done extremely effectively, ”the president emphasized.

“And of course, the defense of the prosecutors of the fundamental rights of military personnel, participants and veterans of a special military operation, as well as members of their families is of particular importance,” summed up Putin.