Путин: России удалось компенсировать закрытие западных рынков

Russia managed to compensate for the closure of Western markets, expand foreign trade contacts with the states of fast -growing regions of the world, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking on Thursday at the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

“The maximum decline in Russia for the last year was recorded in June – in my opinion, 4.7 percent. The reasons are known – this is a sanctions war, unprecedented challenges in the global economy and trade, in general in the system of international relations, and the system of international relations, and These problems, as you know, were not created by us. The challenges with which Russia, and no other, probably the country in the world, has not yet encountered in modern history, ”the president expressed.

According to him, starting in July – the Russian economy has moved to growth. “We see how positive trends in the Russian economy are gaining strength, and in the second quarter of this year we also expect a significant increase in GDP compared to the level of last year,” Putin said.

The Russian leader noted that “today in Russia there are great opportunities for almost any area of ​​activity, for any business, to launch promising, long -term projects in the consumer market, and in the high -tech sector, in many other sectors of the economy” .

According to the president, Russia has a lot of friends in Western countries. “The country consists of a population, of people, and we have a lot of friends in these countries,” Putin emphasized.

The Russian leader also noted that the Russian Federation is interested in ensuring that European partners would be independent, sovereign and make decisions based on national interests. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true, and often not so at all, ”the president said.

At the same time, the Russian leader called the phrase “unfriendly countries” incorrect. “In our public consciousness and the turnover, such a phrase” unfriendly countries “came into the circulation. It inaccurately reflects the existing realities. We can say that it does not reflect at all, because we have unfriendly elites in a certain number of countries, unfriendly rulers,” Putin said.

Speaking about the negative impact of Western sanctions in the medium term, Putin expressed the conviction that Russia would overcome this threat.

“I perfectly understand those threats that have a place to be and what the ill -wishers point to us, saying that there will be problems in Russia in the medium -term perspective. Yes, this is such a threat that we must keep in mind ” – said the president. I am absolutely convinced that we will overcome her, ”he emphasized.

At the same time, the Russian leader urged not to wait for the negative consequences of this medium -term perspective. “So that this does not come, you need to act right now!” – said Putin, turning to businessmen.

In addition, the President of the Russian Federation said that he had preserved friendship with all his German friends. “My real friends have been preserved. We are joking each other all the time,” he admitted.