Путин: российский бизнес легко заменил ушедшие с рынка компании

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that domestic companies immediately filled the markets that were released after the departure of foreign companies.

According to him, last year Russia has only benefited, production in the segment of small and medium -sized businesses is growing, the country has become much more sovereign and independent in the field of economics and finance.

“Participants in economic activity in Russia have grown up, strengthened, they have their own level of culture, their developed ties in the world. They easily and simply replaced the departing,” the president said during a working visit to the Aviation Plant in Ulan-Ude.

The Head of State noted that Russia’s “ill -wishers” expected the country to create problems in the medium term, and there really is such a danger – for example, in the issue of providing equipment for long -term enterprises. “But I think that here everything will be fine with us,” the president concluded.

According to the president, Russia needs to maintain internal competition so as not to “become isolated in its own juice” and so that the consumer feels it.