Rafael Physiev first went under flag of Azerbaijan to battle in UFC

In Las Vegas, a mixed martial arts of UFC Vegas 58 is held in Las Vegas, whose main battle is the fight between the Azerbaijani fighter Rafael Physiev and Brazilian Rafael Dos Anios.

The father of Raphael is Azerbaijani, while he played for Kyrgyzstan for many years. In the fall of 2021, Raphael refused to perform under the Kyrgyz flag. In April of this year, Ataman (such a nickname Raphael) first visited Baku at the invitation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Then Physiev asked not to ask him questions about a possible performance under the flag of Azerbaijan. And now, before the battle with DOS ANOOS, there was information that Rafael will come to this fight as a representative of Azerbaijan.

It was as if, in confirmation of this, a few hours before the fight, Physiev shared a congratulation to the Azerbaijanis in his Instagram in connection with Gurban Bayrama and wrote: “I am proud of my Azerbaijan!”


It turns out that it was Rafael who became the first representative of Azerbaijan in the UFC, and not Nariman Abbasov, who recently signed the contract with UFC.

For a 29-year-old chieftain protruding, this is the 13th battle in MMA and the seventh in the most prestigious and popular organization in mixed martial arts-UFC. At the moment, his asset has 11 victories and 1 defeat.

His opponent – 37 -year -old Rafael Dos ANIOS – has 31 victories with 13 lesions. At the same time, it has been in UFC since 2008.