Réforme des retraites: ” Nous demandons au président de la République de ne pas promulguer la loi “

Cracks turn into fractures and democracy is likely to vacillate. The use of 49.3 to adopt the text on pension reform, after weeks of citizen mobilization in vain, is not only a political thunder. It is a perilous decision which still damages democracy and social dialogue a little more. It contradicts the promise made by Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the presidential election to “change your method” and to govern with the living forces of the nation.

The democratic crisis in which we are and in which we sink more does not only touch our institutions. It penalizes every citizen. It reduces our power to act and makes us waste precious time. It risks immobilizing society where we need a collective, concerted and turned to the future to implement the essential transformations, in particular in terms of ecological transition and the fight against injustices.

Sallery and responsibility

All energies will be necessary as long as they are not guided by anger and resentment. Also the time is for appeasement and responsibility. We, representatives of civil society organizations members of the Pact of the power to live, ask the President of the Republic not to promulgate the law.

This decision would be the only one capable of not leaving the violence of acts and words to win society. It is essential to appease minds, to restore body to our democracy. Indispensable also to be able to collectively meet the challenges that await us. The future sites – ecological transition, fight against poverty, reduction of inequalities, reindustrialisation – will require political will, work, ambition but also confidence, coherence and a commitment of each and everyone. However, these ingredients are not united in the current context.

We must find the conditions for a living social democracy. You have to listen to needs, hear realities, take into account experiences, respond to concerns. It is also necessary to set the course to build a society focused on justice, sharing, care, solidarity, protection, which gives everyone and each the power to live with dignity in a healthy environment.

This decision would constitute the foundation stone to rebuild a climate of confidence and give itself the opportunity to mobilize the whole society in order to build a common future.

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