Режим Асада убил в Сирии не менее 22 тыс

The Syrian human rights network (SNHR), documenting violations of civilians in Syria, announced that the forces of the regime of Bashar al -Assad killed at least 22,981 children in March 2011, when a civil war began in Syria.

The written statement of the Syrian human rights network (SNHR), it is said that since March 2011, Assada killed at least 22,981 children. Most of them died as a result of air strikes on civilian settlements.

The statement notes that 190 children in prisons died as a result of torture and cruelty from the security forces of the regime. At this time, in prisons of the Assad regime there are 5199 children.

In the army of the Assad regime under a gun there were 1425 children. In 2022, 67 children were killed in conflicts tied to the parties in Syria.

The document emphasizes that the terrorist groups supported by Iran, fighting in the ranks of the Assad regime, recruited 86 children.