Russia was warned of irreversible consequences due to stop of export of Kazakhstani oil

Caspian pipeline consortium (KTK) asks the Russian court to suspend the execution of the decision due to the risk of irreversible consequences, reports KazTAG.

“AO” KTK-R “sent a petition to the Primorsky District Court of Novorossiysk with a request to suspend the execution of a judge’s decision of July 5, 2022 in case No. 5-1188/2022 on the administrative suspension of the activities of KTK-R JSC before joining the activities of KTK-R. The legal force of a judicial act, which will be issued based on the results of the consideration of a complaint about the decision, ”the consortium said.

As explained in KTK, “the law does not allow measures that may entail irreversible consequences for the production process”: “KTK-R JSC” is an enterprise of a continuous cycle, immediate suspension of its activity may lead to irreversible consequences for the production process, the emergence of the occurrence of and the development of an unfavorable and uncontrollable process at a technical facility, including its destruction, since the technological requirements for oil transportation do not allow me to momentary and at the same time stop production activities. “

Previously suspended the activities of KTK-R for documentary violations under the plan for the elimination of emergency oil spills for 30 days was ruled by the Primorsky District Court of Novorossiysk. The Government of Kazakhstan, in turn, held a meeting in connection with the actions of Russia in relation to KTK. KTK pipeline is the main export route of Kazakhstani oil. The oil pipeline connects Kazakhstani deposits with the Russian port of Novorossiysk, from where black gold on tankers goes through the Black Sea to Europe.