Саудовская Аравия: В Иране сформированы условия для инвестиций

The Minister of Finance of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed al-Jadaan, said that, thanks to the agreements on the normalization of relations between Er-Riyad and Tehran, investments in the Iranian economy may begin.

Speaking at the International Forum of the Financial Industry, organized by the State Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, Al-Jadaan noted that the conditions for investment from Saudi Arabia have been formed in Iran. There are no obstacles to the investment, he emphasized.

Jadaan noted his country’s commitment to agreements with Tehran, and noted that the authorities of Saudi Arabia went closer to Iri as part of steps to stabilize the situation in the region, which meets the interests of peoples, contributes to the growth of investment and prosperity.

“Iran is a neighboring country and will remain for hundreds of years. I see no obstacles to normalizing relations, especially in the field of investment and economics. We and Iran need stability,” he said.

The tension between Riyadh and Tehran continued in 2016. In Saudi Arabia on January 2, 2016, 47 people, including the Shiite theologian of Nimr al-Remyr, were executed on charges of “terrorism”, which caused a storm of indignation in the Islamic Republic.

The relationship was normalized through the mediation of China.