“Транснефть” сообщила об обнаружении у нефтепровода “Дружба” взрывных устройств

The Russian company Transneft announced the detection of the Druzhba Druzhba in the Bryansk Region of the Russian Federation of explosive devices at the Novozybkov Oil Relay (NPS). This was announced by TASS by the official representative of the company Igor Demin.

“Indeed, on the territory of the Novozybkov oil pumping station last night and this morning, explosive devices were discovered in destroyed plastic buildings of non -industrial production with a damaging combat part in the form of steel balls. Presumably, the destruction of the buildings occurred after a blow to the ground when falling from the drones And today at noon it was noticed how another explosive device was dropped from the UAV, probably similar to the previous two, ”said Demin.

He emphasized that during the entire 2023 NPS Novozybkov does not carry out oil pumping, the reservoir park is empty.

“The nature of the combat part – metal balls – suggests that the organizers of the sabotage did not conceive the destruction of the object, but the murder of people from the number of civilian personnel serving the Druzhba oil pipeline station. Investigative actions are underway, NPS” Novozybkov “was not affected”, – added Demin.