Turkey changes rules of entry into country

Foreigners will have to fill out a special e-form when entering Turkey from March 15th. This was reported by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) with reference to the statement of a major air carrier.

For example, the Turkish Ministry of Health is canceling the requirement to fill out a paper coronavirus infection control questionnaire on all flights to Turkey. Transit guests must continue to fill out these forms on board.


According to the new requirements, arriving citizens (including Turkish citizens) will be required to fill out a form on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Health 72 hours before crossing the border. The document must be printed and downloaded to an electronic device (smartphone, tablet). The application form must be shown to the airline employee at the airport of departure.

When registering on the website of the Ministry of Health, the system requires you to indicate a valid mobile number. The program will give the tourist a HES-code, which he will use when moving around the country, when checking into hotels and for visiting a number of objects and events.