Turkey: sales of real estate have grown thanks to Russians and Ukrainians

In Turkey, sales of residential real estate have sharply increased, including, due to high demand for houses and apartments among Russians and Ukrainians, Deutsche Welle reports with reference to the statistical department of Turkey Tüik.

as indicated, 133,058 housing units were sold in April, while this indicator increased by 38.8% compared to the same period last year. At the same time, the number of transactions for the purchase of real estate with citizens of foreign states increased disproportionately – by 58.1%. During the month, the number of purchased apartments and houses in Turkey by Russians doubled – from 547 in March to 1152 in April. For a year, this indicator grew by 186%. At the same time, buyers of real estate from Russia in April reached the first place among foreigners acquiring housing, while bypassing the Iranians who headed this rating both in March and a year ago.

Sales of Turkish real estate have also increased. In April, compared with the same month of last year, this figure increased by 180%, compared with March – by 56%.

According to the co -founder of the Istanbul real estate company Golden Sign Gul Gul, “these are rich Russians, but not oligarchs.” “Some of them immediately buy 3-5 apartments in Turkey. For foreigners, investment in Turkish real estate is attractive, including due to the weakening of the national currency – lira,” Reuters quotes it.

At the same time, prices in the Turkish real estate market increased rapidly. According to the statistics of the Central Bank of Turkey, in February 2022, the increase in real estate prices almost reached 100% annual.