Турция за год привлекла прямых инвестиций на $13 млрд – Администрация президента

The head of the Turkish Presidential Administration, Akhmet Burak Daglyoglu, said that Turkey attracted $ 13 billion in 2022 in the conditions when investments in the world as a whole were reduced.

Daglyoglu spoke on Thursday at the 42nd meeting of the General Assembly of the International Association of Investors (YASED) in Istanbul.

According to him, Turkey plans to bring a share in the world investment basket to 1.5 percent in the coming years.

The head of the office recalled that the world has encountered many crises in recent years, including the pandemic of coronavirus, and the war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. At the same time, Turkey is one of the countries that most actively recovered against the background of pandemia, which allowed to attract a large number of investments in the national economy.

“During the Pandemia period, the volume of investment in the world sank to the mark below 1 trillion dollars. Subsequently, the time of the restoration of Turkey was higher than the global. In 2021 we attracted about 13.5 billion dollars of investment. In 2022 -13 billion investments” – said Daglyoglu.