US: found an Indian strain of Covid-19 with double mutation

Indian version of Coronavirus with double mutation is the so-called “double mutant” – first recorded in the field of San Francisco Bay, San Francisco Chronicle has reported.

Presumably, we are talking about the first case of this version of the coronavirus in the United States, indicates the local TV channel NBC Bay Area.

According to the publication, the case of infection with the Indian version of Coronavirus was confirmed by the specialists of the Stanford Laboratory of Clinical Virology. The head of the Laboratory Benjamin Pinski noted that another seven alleged cases of this virus version are checked, the results will be known this week.

As the newspaper writes, the so-called “double mutant”, discovered earlier in India, has a double mutation, but it is still unknown whether it is more contagious or resistant to vaccines. Peter Chin-Hong, an expert on infectious diseases from the University of California in San Francisco, expressed concerns that this option may be more infectious because it accounts for about 20% of the coronavirus cases recorded in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

“This Indian version for the first time has two mutations previously recorded in separate versions,” said Chin-Hong.

At the same time, the expert noted that “optimistic” relative to the effectiveness of vaccination against this option – taking into account the fact that the effectiveness of vaccines against South African and California options is known.