Утренний брифинг агентства “Анадолу” на 12 марта

in Turkey:

  • Chapter AFAD SEZER: As a result of earthquakes, 47,975 people were killed in Kakhramanmarash.
  • The head of the Ministry of Defense of Turkey, Hulushi Akar continues inspection in the disaster zone.
  • In Adan, an earthquake of magnitude 4.
  • The 215th aircraft with humanitarian aid arrived from the United Arab Emirates.
  • The third vessel with hummosion went from Pakistan to Turkey.
  • Translators-volunteers helped communicate rescuers in the distress zone in Turkey.
  • Bosnian rescuers used Tika skills in the disaster zone in Turkey.
  • Turkey’s Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the liquidation of a particularly dangerous terrorist of the RSC.
  • In Turkish shirnak, a large warehouse with weapons of the RSC terrorists was discovered.
  • In Istanbul, up to thousands of victims from the distress zone.
  • Pakistan by March 23 will send another 50 thousand tents to Turkey.

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine:

  • President of Ukraine every day proves the correctness of Moscow – Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.
  • The USA and the EU promised new sanctions against the Russian Federation.

In the world:

  • US Ministry of Defense on March 13 will publish a request for a budget.
  • In Paris, another strike is held against raising the retirement age.
  • USA and Georgia for continuing economic sanctions against Russia.
  • Assad’s supporters fired at the city of etarib, there are dead and wounded.
  • Alexander Vuchich: We do not recognize the independence of Kosovo neither de facto nor de jure.
  • Iran announced the completion of a transaction for the purchase of Su-35 fighters from the Russian Federation.
  • In the USA, the largest bank Silicon Valley.
  • In the southeast of Iran, 2 police officers were killed.
  • The new Prime Minister of the State Council of the PRC is elected Li Tsyan.

Other news of the region:

  • Azerbaijan gave a note to Iran in connection with a provocation in the state border area.
  • Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan called for the support of state languages.
  • In Moscow, the “double standards” of the European Union in the agrarian sphere were condemned.
  • Kazakhstan will begin the supply of oil through Azerbaijan in March.
  • Migration Service of Turkmenistan and MOM discussed the development of cooperation.
  • The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan will take all measures to suppress provocations – the head of the Ministry of Defense.
  • Near Bishkek, the construction of a mosque for 20 thousand people has begun.
  • Uzbekistan and the UAE discussed the prospects of multifaceted cooperation.
  • Prime Minister of Kazakhstan instructed to strengthen control measures during construction.
  • Washington: Georgia should not become a platform for bypassing anti -Russian sanctions.