В Черногории проходят президентские выборы

In Montenegro on Sunday, March 19, voting began in the election of the President of the country.

Power stations opened at 07:00 local time. According to the State Electoral Commission (GIK), 542 154 voters have the right to vote in the country, who will be able to cast their votes for more than 1.2 thousand polling stations.

Seven candidates apply for the post of President of Montenegro: the current President Milo Dzhukanovich, a representative of the European Stop now, Yakov Milatovich, candidate of the Coalition for the future of Serbia Andriy Mandich, Independent Candidate Jovan Radulovich, candidate of the United Montenegroy Goran Danilovich, Leader ” Democratic Montenegro “Alex Biechich and the only Candidate woman Dragin Vuksanovich, representing the Social Democratic Party of Montenegro.

The elections will be held in the context of a protracted political crisis, which followed the defeat of the Democratic Party of Montenegro -Montenegro -Montenegro, the country’s leader Dzhukanovich in the parliamentary elections on August 30, 2020. According to polls, none of the candidates will be able to win the first round.

Power stations will close at 20:00 local time. Over the voting process, over 1 thousand observers will be observed.

President of Montenegro is elected popular voting for a five -year term and can occupy this post for no more than two terms in a row. According to the Constitution, Montenegro is a parliamentary republic, and the head of state performs mainly representative functions. Nevertheless, the figure of the president is of great importance in the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers and the nomination of the prime minister.