В Донецкой области Украины продолжается эвакуация мирного населения

The evacuation of civilians from the city of Seversk in the Donetsk region of Ukraine continues against the backdrop of the ongoing hostilities in this part of the country.

The city is located in the Bakhmut district – 3-4 km from the front line, where the most fierce clashes between Russian and Ukrainian troops occur.

It is worth noting that the battles in the Donetsk region have become aggravated since the fall and today this region remains the “hot point” in Ukraine.

Against the backdrop of intensive battles, the evacuation of civilians in a number of settlements is carried out only on armored vehicles.

In the Severk, where at every step you can see heavy traces of the war, the sounds of rupturing shells are constantly heard. Life in the city has practically stopped.

Most of the peaceful residents remaining in Seversk for many months hide in shelters and basements from frequent shelling of Russian troops.

Residents of Seversk, where the sounds of breaking artillery guns and other heavy weapons are constantly heard, try not to go outside. The townspeople gather in the city center only during the distribution of humanitarian aid, and then they are in a hurry to return to their shelters soon.

ANADOLOM ANADOLOSKED AND ANADOLE OF EAVACATION OF THE Seversk residents and nearby settlements with the official permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The part of the population, which dared to stay in Seversk, is now forced to leave her homes, since the city’s infrastructure was badly damaged as a result of many months of air and artillery shelling.

people living in the region are taken to safer places on armored vehicles with the support of local security forces. The Ukrainians who leave the city, especially those who live closer to the front line, cannot hold back tears, leaving their homes. The townspeople do not know when they can return again, so collecting a hastily thing, they locked their homes with their homes.

In an interview with Anadolu, Captain Oleg Kirnitsky, the head of the group for the evacuation of civilians in the Donetsk region, spoke about the evacuation process from the region.

According to him, in a number of front -line settlements only armored vehicles are used for the export of civilians.

“The points where we are going are under the constant shelling of Russians. Civil settlements are also the goal of intense attacks,” Kirinitsky said.