В Индии обсудили ситуацию в Афганистане

In Delhi, the first meeting of the joint working group in Afghanistan (SRG) of the India-Central Asia format at the level of senior officials of the foreign policy departments of Uzbekistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan was held, Uzbek media reported.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the UN Drugs and Crime (UNP) and UN) and the UN World Food Program.

Forum participants noted the importance of coordinating the efforts of the world community in the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan. The need for international consensus was stated in the interests of the entire region, first of all, in the issue of delivery of humanitarian assistance, practical assistance to the Afghan people in order to withdraw from a prolonged socio-economic crisis. At the same time, the UN has a key role in this matter.

It is emphasized that in the stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan, the states of the region play the key role that retain their political and diplomatic presence in this country.

The meeting participants discussed the regional threats of terrorism, extremism, radicalization and illegal trafficking of drugs, the possibility of coordinating efforts to counteract these challenges.

following the results of the meeting, a joint statement of the participants in the meeting of the SRG format “India-central Asia” was adopted.