В Иране опровергли утверждения о предоставлении доступа к ядерным объектам страны

The representative of the atomic energy organization Iran Behruz Kamalwangdi denied the allegation of access to nuclear facilities during the visit of the General Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Magate) Rafael Grossy to Tehran, reports Irna.

“For two days that Grossy and the delegation accompanying him were in Iran, the issue of providing access to individuals was never raised, and not a single text indicated this question was written. Of course, even if such a request was made , we would definitely oppose, said Camalwandi.

The representative of the atomic energy organization emphasized that there were no discussions or agreements regarding the installation of new cameras at nuclear facilities.

He also commented on the statements of 50% of the Iranian nuclear Iranian nuclear objects increase. “Since 60% of enrichment was first begun at the Fardo complex, and based on the guarantee approach, the inspection should have been increased, because, mainly, by increasing the level of enrichment or introducing more secret materials to the establishment, the number of checks increases by agreement of the parties” , he specified.

Based on this, Kamalwangdi added, the number of inspections at the Fordo facility used to be eight, and now has increased to 11 due to a higher level of enrichment.

He also denied the information that Iran is ready to provide access to three nuclear facilities.