В шести провинциях Ирана отравлены десятки школьниц

In Iran, an investigation of cases of mass poisoning of schoolgirls in a number of provinces continues.

In the meantime, there were reports of poisoning dozens of schoolgirls in a number of cities of the Islamic Republic.

According to the official Iranian news agency IRNA, new cases of poisoning were identified in the provinces of North Khorasan, Fars, Revevi-Khorasan, Isfahan, Ellam and Khuzestan.

The general director of the Education Department of North Khorasan Ebulkasim Akbari said that 46 students of two schools of Bodzhnurd were hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning. According to him, the children complained about nausea, weakness and dizziness, but now their condition is satisfactory.

24 schoolgirls in the cities of Schiraz and Service of the Fars Province

were hospitalized with similar symptoms.

Dozens of schoolgirls are hospitalized with the same symptoms in the city of Eyvan Province Elam, the city of Kashan Province Isfahan, the city of Meshez in the razory Khorasan and the city of Ahvaz of the Huzestan province.

It is reported that in six cities of the Huzestan province, cases of poisoning of 700 schoolgirls have been identified to date, 200 of them are under the supervision of doctors.

Cases of mass poisoning in Iran schools are recorded from November 30, 2022.

It is reported that in the provinces of Kum, Loristan, Tehran, Ardebil, Kermansh, Simnan, Mazenderan, Czechrmikhal and Bakhtiaria, Elburs, North Khorasan, Zenjan, Fars, West Azerbaijan, Huzestan and Rezavi-Khorasan were more than 100 days more poisoned. Two thousand schoolgirls.

large-scale protests overwhelmed Iran due to the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on September 17, 2022.

The girl was detained on September 13 by the moral police for the “improper wearing of the hijab” and died on September 16. In response, the inhabitants of dozens of cities of Iran took to the streets.

During the protest promotions that last in the country for months, over 10 thousand people were detained.

The Iranian Human Rights Basic Organization (IHR), which was based in Norway, reported on the death of 481 people during mass protests that covered the Islamic Republic after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.