В Стамбуле продолжается лечение сотен пострадавших из зоны бедствия

In the hospitals of Istanbul, 896 injured from the zone of destructive February earthquakes continues to treat.

After earthquakes on February 6, the hospitals of the metropolis were accepted as a whole by 20,455 inhabitants of a number of provinces of the South and Southeast of Turkey.

The victims were delivered to Istanbul by both sanitary aircraft and military transport aircraft of the Turkish Armed Forces. Of these, 19 559 have already been discharged from state and private hospitals, as well as university clinics.

On Monday, February 6, on the southeast of Turkey, two earthquakes of magnitude more than seven points occurred (at 04.17 local time – 7.7 points and at 13.24 – 7.6 points).

The number of those who died as a result of a destructive earthquake in the southeast of Turkey exceeded 49 thousand people.

The destructive earthquake was also felt in neighboring countries, including in Syria, Lebanon, Trsk, Greek Cyprus and Iraq.