Weather forecasters warn of unstable weather in Azerbaijan 25 November

Starting from daytime hours on November 27, a change in weather conditions is expected to change in Baku and on the Apheron Peninsula, on November 28, the speed of the North Wind will reach 20-23 meters per second, at times rains, the National Hydrometeorology Service.

from November 29 to December 2, it is possible to strengthen precipitation. A decrease in air temperature is expected, which in the daytime will be 7-9 degrees of heat.

November 26 in the areas of Azerbaijan, rains are expected, intense in places, snow is possible in the mountains. From the evening of November 28, the intensity of precipitation will increase. On November 27-28, the North Wind in places will intensify to 20-25 m/s.

Starting from November 28, the air temperature in Azerbaijan will decrease, 6-11 degrees of heat are expected in low -powered areas, from 0 to 5 degrees of frost. It is possible to increase the water level in the rivers.