Xi Jinping confirme son hégémonie en Chine

None of the 2,952 delegates dared to refrain during the vote for a third year five years of the President of the People’s Republic of China. Li qiang was also confirmed as Prime Minister.

by Frédéric Lemaître (Beijing, correspondent)

Ten years will have been necessary to him, but Xi Jinping obtained from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) what he wanted: teams that were entirely devoted to him. The main step had been taken during the 20 e Congress of the CPC in October 2022. XI had pushed Prime Minister Li Keqiang, a former rival, and appointed a political office of 24 on the release. people made up of officials in whom he has all confidence. There remained a second step to take: do the same with the state apparatus.

At the end of the annual session of the Chinese parliament which was held from March 4 to 13, it is now done. Friday 10, none of the 2,952 delegates of the Popular National Assembly dared to oppose or even refrain when designating the President of the Republic. Xi Jinping was unanimously elected for a third five -year term. The next day, the prime minister expected, Li Qiang, 63, was also confirmed highly hand.

Originally from Zhejiang, Li was the right-hand man from XI from 2004 to 2007, when he was the secretary of this rich province located south of Shanghai. Xi Jinping has all self -confidence. This man, who was secretary of the Communist Party for the city of Shanghai from 2017 to 2022, will he be only a simple collaborator, or will he have, because of this proximity, a real margin of maneuver? Monday, March 13, during its first press conference, Li Qiang, which is said to be “pro-business”, led to private companies for a long time, but also recalled that “consolidate the public sector” constituted the principal government priority.

While international institutions judge that China has been cautious by aiming for “around 5 %” this year, Li Qiang, on the contrary, judged that “achieving this goal will not be easy and will demand that we redouble their efforts “. Asked about a postponement of the retirement age (currently set at 55, even 50 years, for women and 60 years for men) to deal with the increase in life expectancy and the decline in the birth rate , Li Qiang judged that it was necessary to advance “carefully” on this subject, suggesting that no reform will take place this year on this point.

a Minister of Defense under American sanctions

The new government team includes some surprises. The new Minister of Defense, Li Shangfu, aeronautical engineer and general of the People’s Army of Liberation, is one of the fathers of the Chinese space program. He has the distinction of having been placed under sanctions by the American administration in 2018, for having directed the administration which bought Russian combat and missiles. Qin Gang, appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs – and member of the Political Bureau – in October 2022, benefits from a new promotion, since he is now also a state councilor. A title that places it below the ministers vice-prime, but above the other ministers. Tuesday, March 7, Qin Gang, at his first press conference, warned the United States. Without a change of course of American politics, there will be “certainly conflict and confrontation,” he said. “There will be no less difficulties for China this year,” said Li Qiang.

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