Zakharova: EU attempts to strengthen in Armenia are able to damage

The civilian nature of the Mission of the European Union is formed as part of the general EU policy in the field of security and defense. Let’s call everything with our names. The name of the EU remains to cover the obvious true role of NATO in various world affairs, today at a briefing the official representative of the Foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova said in response to the question of the EU decision to send observers to the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

According to her, speaking of the EU mission, it is important not to be deceived by the expression “civilian”. Zakharova hinted that under the curtain of the mission of the EU observers there are NATO military personnel.

“Attempts by the European Union to strengthen in Armenia, attempts to suppress the intermediary of Russia are able to damage the indigenous interests of the Armenians and Azerbaijanis, the efforts of the peaceful development of the region. We are sure that in the near future the main factor in stability and security in the region will be the Russian peacekeeping contingent and the region Russian border guards guarding the boundaries of Armenia, ”she said.

Maria Zakharova said that “NATO completely paralyzed the will of the EU.”

“The European Union has not been like a political organization for a long time. NATO, which is actually an older brother, the main partner, completely paralyzed the will of the EU,” she said.