11th meeting of Committee on Legal Affairs and International Relations of Turkp was held in Baku

In the capital of Azerbaijan Baku, the 11th meeting of the Committee on Legal Affairs and International Relations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic States (Turkpa).

In a meeting, chaired by the head of the Commission on Legal Affairs and International Relations of the Turkp Osman of the local, were attended by the Secretary of the Turkpa Mehmet Er and the member deputies of the commission.

In his speech, Meten noted that after the victory in the 2nd Karabakh war, Azerbaijan ran into unfair accusations from Europe.

recalling that Azerbaijan left Pase due to the unjust attitude of the European Parliament (EP) and the inappropriate behavior of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Meten added: “While the France parliament has adopted a number of sanctions against Azerbaijan, the US Senate adopted the bill On the cessation of military assistance. All this has no legal force in our eyes. We believe that while we are one, we will always leave the winners from our fair business, and we express again here that we support fraternal Azerbaijan. “

Meten noted the importance of cooperation within the framework of Turkpa and spoke about the preparatory work on the model law, as well as the laws that were and will be adopted to support scientific and technical development.

In her speech, a member of the Turkpa Committee on Legal Affairs and International Relations Filiz Kylych said that it is necessary to develop cooperation between the TurkPA members to ensure the joint use of new technologies that support the innovative legislative process used by parliaments.

“The Great National Assembly of Turkey (VSST) is one of the few parliaments in the world on the use of technologies. For example, at present, our parliament, together with the Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Turkey (Tübi̇tak), is implementing a draft information system of protocols. When this project is when this project It will be completed, artificial intelligence will be able to recognize the voices of members of the parliament in the General Assembly and the Committee of the Great National Assembly of Turkey, spontaneously transcize speeches and archive them, comparing with videos. We can start with support for the exchange of experience in this and similar studies. “

In his speech, the Secretary General of the Turkpa ER said that the participating countries attach great importance to the development of science and technology.