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US is preparing to create a command center in Germany
Human Rights Council Starts General Debate on Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with its Advisory Committee and Starts Interactive Dialogue
Fraudster Gyzylgul returned all money, but court still sent her to prison
NATO Allies enhance readiness in Latvia exercise
Human Rights Council Holds Panel Discussion on Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Begins Interactive Dialogue with Expert Mechanism
USA, Germany and Sweden hit Himars
Sholts confirmed refusal to supply combat tanks to Ukraine
Merkel urged to take Putin’s words seriously
What happened on North Stream and North Stream-2 gas pipelines?
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with Fact-finding Mission on Venezuela
WHO global infodemic manager community of practice is growing and tackling Covid, monkeypox and other outbreaks
Orban and Sholts will discuss anti -Russian sanctions
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Romania
Germany found a new gas supplier
Sholts admitted that he was afraid of confrontation with Russia
League of Nations: Azerbaijan accepts Kazakhstan
Countries G7 considered mobilization in Russia “step to escalation”
Sholts is looking for a replacement for Russian gas
Office of High Commissioner Describes Climate of Repression in Belarus, Deterioration of Human Rights Situation, Serious Violations
Security Force Abuse Amid National Dialogue in Chad
Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine to Human Rights Council
Ukraine received a new batch of German weapons
USA and Germany are drawn with provision of tanks to Ukraine due to logistics
Barbados Prime Minister Mottley calls for overhaul of unfair, outdated global finance system
International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia Finds Reasonable Grounds to Believe that Federal Government
One Health in action: Rabies training brings together human and animal health professionals in Côte d’Ivoire
Germany nationalizes “daughter” of Gazprom
Marking ‘significant milestone’, UN says stricken tanker salvage operation can begin
Rain on range – Getting muddy with NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Romania
Sholts: “We will not accept world dictated by Russia”
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Implications for Human Rights of Environmentally Sound
EU can go around Hungarian veto on anti -Russian sanctions
Anti racism commission releases new conclusions on Albania, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland
All Sponsors Should Back Remedies for Workers: FIFA World Cup
Ecuador Partners with World Economic Forum in Fight against Plastic Pollution
UN repeats call for Taliban to allow girls full access to school
Another historical achievement of Azerbaijan in judo
Ukraine will receive another 18 German -made howitzers
Trump: Germans will be left without a country
Poland accused Germany: they deliberately do not help Ukraine
German President called on world to prepare for new conflicts
World Leaders Should Press China, Russia on Atrocities: UN
What it is, and why it’s important for world
Human Rights Council Concludes Interactive Dialogues on Right to Development and Starts to Discuss Right to Privacy
Covid Pandemic Triggered Largest Global Economic Crisis in More Than Century
Germany refused to supply Leopard II to Ukraine
World Bracing for Severe Effects of Climate Change, New Survey Finds