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Appointed chief adviser to Turkish President
Representatives of 78 countries of world will take part in inauguration of President of Turkey
Charles Michelle: next meeting of leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia will take place on July 21 in Brussels
In Turkey, they created model of Azerbaijani car with gum for distress zone
Germany demanded from Russian Federation to close 4 consultations
Moldova: II summit of European political community starts
Foreign Ministry: Türkiye will continue fight against xenophobia and Islamophobia
Russia heads list of exporting countries to Turkey
Chancellor Germany invited Erdogan to make visit to Berlin
Chancellor Germany congratulated Erdogan on election victory
Steinmeier announced threat of ultra -right extremism in Federal Republic of Germany
Putin signed Denunciation Law of Dovs
German Chancellor honored memory of Turks who died during arson in Zolingen
Foreign Ministry: Türkiye will continue to fight manifestations of xenophobia and Islamophobia
“Bavaria” won Bundesliga for 11th time in row
Tragedy in Zolingen: Crime without statute of limitations
Over 11 million foreigners visited Turkey since beginning of year
Erdogan: conditions for return of refugees to Syria are formed
Russia accused 3 countries of concealing culprits of sabotage in “northern streams”
Erdogan announced implementation of return plan up to 500 thousand
Monastery managed in Turkey since beginning of year has been visited by tens of thousands of tourists
GDP per capita in Russia approached record
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
Ecologists in Germany drove cows to Bundestag building in protest
World press widely covers elections in Turkey
Zelensky arrived on visit to Germany
Cruise ship “Europa” delivered more than 340 tourists to Bodrum
Berlin will transfer to Kyiv weapons in amount of € 2.7 billion
Erdogan told “shameful” statements about intervention of Russian Federation in elections in Turkey
Germany will allocate another € 1 billion for maintenance of refugees
“Transneft”: “attempt to attack” on system of oil pipelines “Friendship” was committed
CIS countries celebrate Victory Day over fascism
Medvedev predicted loss of Germany’s leadership in Europe
Germany entered leadership leaders in Antalya
Zakharova: Poland risks “finish”, demanding reparations from Russian Federation
Tourist flow to Antalya exceeded dopandemic indicators
Latvia: unity and determination of EU member countries surprised Moscow
Iran accused Germany of “inciting terrorism”
Medvedev: Poland is not an evenness of Russia and it will never be
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 24
Zelensky will take part in NATO summit in Vilnius – Stoltenberg
Peskov rejected accusations of Moscow’s intervention in internal affairs of Germany
Patriot air defense systems from USA, Netherlands and Germany arrived in Ukraine
G7 countries will strengthen cooperation to prevent sanctions against Russian Federation
Cruise liner Vasco da Gama moored to shores of Bodrum
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Moscow alone confronts “military-industrial conglomerate” of NATO and Ukraine
Export of air conditioning systems from Turkey in first quarter reached $ 1.7 billion
Finland first participated in NATO exercises as full -fledged member