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Sholts: We must make Putin understand that there will be no imposed world
Bulgaria can become independent of Russian gas until end of year
Britain Foreign Minister: “We need to answer Russian aggression only by force”
Israel forbade Germany to supply Spike missiles to Ukraine
World Health Assembly agrees historic decision to sustainably finance WHO
ILO welcomes G7 call to make just transition to green economy happen
Azerbaijani with phenomenal memory was won by open championship of Germany
ACT-Accelerator Facilitation Council co-chairs welcome financial and policy commitments made
Chief Economists Outlook Warns of Dire Human Consequences from Fragmentation of Global Economy
Germany stimulates “leakage of brain” from Russia
German intelligence about neo -Nazis fighting on side of Russia
Bolster Justice Efforts Worldwide: EU
Deputy of Bundestag: “… German Chancellor does not want Ukraine to win this war”
Yemenets and Afghans squeezed Azerbaijanis in rating of investors in real estate in Turkey
Germany and Italy allowed to buy gas from Russia for
WHO supporting countries affected by rare monkeypox outbreak
Record rise in prices in Germany
G7 will allocate to Ukraine about $ 20 billion dollars
German “cheetahs” will receive Kyiv in July, and United States delivers weapons to Ukraine “for clock”
WHO convenes an emergency meeting of experts due to spread of a new disease
Ospop Monkeys captures Europe
UN is concerned about tension in Tajikistan
European Parliament to punish ex-Chancellor of Germany for work in a Russian company
Schroedra is deprived of office and employees in Bundestag
Kadyrov said Scholts with a schizophrenic
‘Lifeline’ of renewable energy can steer world out of climate crisis: Guterres
Finland makes €2 million voluntary contribution to support Ukraine
German Chancellor: “For Russia there is only one way out of this position”
Heat in Europe will not let Gazprom suffer
Helga Pedersen Human Rights Moot Court Competition – 10th anniversary
In West, they began to fear victory of Ukraine
European Union came up with how to buy Russian gas without violation of sanctions
Germany will refuse to import oil from Russia even in absence of a consensus in European Union
Italy intends to transfer a large batch of weapons to Ukraine
Germany announced difficulties with provision of frozen assets of Russian Federation to Ukraine
G7 promises to isolate Russia and give Ukraine “how much” weapons “
Ukraine war squeezes food supplies, drives up prices, threatens vulnerable nations
Sholts listed “three things” from a conversation with Putin about Ukraine
Long-planned NATO exercises across Europe get underway
Paris: world must prepare that war in Ukraine will be long
Austria threatened Gazprom
Russia banned gas transit through Poland
WHO and MPP announce agreement with NIH for Covid health technologies
Borrel urged to increase military assistance to Ukraine
Why are German “cheetahs” have not yet been delivered to Ukraine
Czech Republic wants to get German tanks in return for supplies to Ukraine
Italian Prime Minister said that Germany had already paid Russia for gas in
Sholts called Zelensky and discussed war