All germany news and updates

Powerful rains led to large -scale flooding in Germany
President of Moldova: Germany is strong and important ally of republic on way to EU
Tokaev: Germany – strategic partner of Kazakhstan in European Union
Exports of honey in 4 months brought Turkey $ 11.5 million
79 years have passed since day of victory over fascism
Chairman of State Duma of Russian Federation: “The problem of Ukrainian refugees” threatens migration crisis in Europe
Ankara: procession of “Immortal Regiment” took place
Research: T-Rex dinosaurs were not as smart as previously thought
Aliyev: We highly appreciate peace negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia
One of leaders of PKK/KCK terrorist organization Saim Chakmak was arrested
German President Steinmeier visited Gaziantep
UEFA included in judges of Euro-2024 Turkish arbitrator
Germany President sat on steam in Istanbul
Salikha Korkmaz and Meriem Bekmes won ticket to 2024 Olympic Games in Paris
Turkish scientist is working on project providing for introduction of AI in library sphere
President Zelensky discussed with Deputy Prime Minister of Germany supply of air defense to Ukraine
Kremlin: financial support of Ukraine provides US profit
Turkish manufacturer of TOGG Electric cars began developing T8X model
Disagreements flare up in Poland due to participation in project “European Heavenly Shield”
Germany will put new air defense system in Ukraine
Ex-president of Russian Federation declared leaders of United States, France, Britain, Germany accomplices in Crocus City Hall
Türkiye suspends participation in contract on ordinary armed forces in Europe
Botswana threatened to send 20 thousand elephants to Germany
Estonian Prime Minister Kallas can become new NATO Secretary General
Hakan Fidan will take part in summit of heads of NATO Foreign Ministry
Poland suspended action of DOVS
Artificial intelligence changes tourism industry
Ankara expects to clarify circumstances of death of ethnic Turks in fire in Zolingen
Foreign Minister: Türkiye “drove into corner” of terrorists of RKK
Foreign Ministry: Germany condemns attack of supporters of RSC on Secondary General of Turkey in Hanover
Ankara: meeting was held with FRG ambassador after an attack on Turkish Consulate General in Hanover
German Foreign Ministry: Berlin condemns cold -blooded murder of people in Crocus City Hall
Astronomers discovered first two building blocks of Milky Way
Former striker of Turkish national football team Ersen Martin died
Eco-activists conducted demonstrations in several cities of Germany
UN General Assembly adopted draft resolution on fight against Islamophobia
Olaf Sholts and Vladimir Zelensky discussed situation in Ukraine
State Duma of Russian Federation called for Bundestag to investigate participation of German military in hostilities in Ukraine
Estonia contributes to search for potential shell suppliers for Ukraine
France and Moldova will cooperate in field of defense
NATO allies conducted teachings of Dragon 24 in Poland
Mongolia and Germany deepen interaction in field of transport
Lithuania will hold largest from moment independence of doctrine is restored
First mosque and educational center associated with IGMG have opened in USA
4 people became victims of an armed attack in Germany
Europe has increased power of LNG Terminals from February 2022 by 53.5 billion cubic meters
Estonian Foreign Ministry: Tallinn is interested
Kyiv: 52 UN and EU countries called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine