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Russia uses migrants to take Svalki corridor
Poland calls by Bayden to hardness in negotiations with Putin
Council of Europe at Internet Governance Forum 2021
Committee against Torture closes seventy-second session after adopting concluding observations on Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania
EU’s insistence on expanding Frontex’s powers is disappointing
Switzerland Returns to Azerbaijan bison
Turkey ranked second in GDP growth rates
Another attempt to assigrate Polish-Belarusian border
NATO began largest expansion of defense systems from collapse of USSR
IOM scales up aid at EU-Belarus border, as migrant hypothermia deaths tick up
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 30 November
On border of Belarus and Lithuania found body of a migrant
Secretary General previews meetings of NATO Foreign Ministers
Azerbaijan has limited import of food from four countries
NATO Secretary General appealed to Russia in connection with Ukraine
NATO Secretary General and Polish President address Belarus, Russian build-up near Ukraine
Pole detained spying in favor of Russia
Council of Europe Secretary General reacts to today’s judgment from Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal
Abuse, Pushbacks At Border: Belarus/Poland
More Afghans who worked with NATO are settling in Allied countries
New threat: in 41 countries fixed outbreaks of bird flu
NATO Secretary General reaffirms Alliance unity in face of security challenges
ICRC and IFRC on migration crisis at borders between Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and other countries
In Poland buy “killers” s-400
EU: we have nothing to talk about with Lukashenko regime but
Secretary General praises Italy for major role in NATO
Georgia conducts multinational teachings
Poland Prime Minister: migration crisis has a goal to distract attention from Ukraine
Minsk has a new problem: migrants can stay in Belarus
Boris Johnson warned Kremlin from “Tragic Error”
NATO Secretary General meets with European Union Defence Ministers
US military aircraft at borders of Belarus
In Poland, they stated that they could capture Belarus in three days
Migrants broke through checkpoint on Polish-Belarusian border
Lukashenko: “Conflict with Belarus needs only Poland”
Germans called for remembering attack on USSR
COP26 closes with ‘compromise’ deal on climate, but it’s not enough, says UN chief
Polish soldier died at border with Belarus
Chess euro: Azerbaijan against Serbia and Sweden
Lukashenko: everything that makes Poland is “Uncle Sam” gave
“This is a problem”: Biden is concerned about situation in Belarus
Human rights of trapped migrants ‘paramount’
Statement by North Atlantic Council on situation at Poland-Belarus border
Azerbaijani national teams start at European Command Championships in Chess
Migrant group broke into Poland
Poland led troops to highest readiness
Baltic countries warned about risk of military conflict on border with Belarus
Resolve ‘intolerable’ Belarus-Poland border migrant crisis: UN rights chief