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Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with its Advisory Committee and Starts Interactive Dialogue
NATO Allies enhance readiness in Latvia exercise
Poland allowed NATO forces in Ukraine in case of a nuclear strike
Pashinyan Party discusses exit from CSTO
Migration and Refugees: Poland fact-finding mission
Poland found a replacement for Russian gas
And Poland recommends his citizens to leave Russia
What happened on North Stream and North Stream-2 gas pipelines?
Azerbaijan will not take part in “Children’s Eurovision Council-2022”
Poland completely closed entrance to Russians
Pink Floyd founder canceled concerts in Poland due to Russian support
Office of High Commissioner Describes Climate of Repression in Belarus, Deterioration of Human Rights Situation, Serious Violations
Warsaw does not need Russians running from war
Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine to Human Rights Council
Poland and Baltic countries insist on tightening anti -Russian sanctions
Ukraine war-induced crisis affecting women and girls disproportionately: UN report
League of Nations: Azerbaijan visiting Slovakia
Forum Spotlights Role of Public Procurement in Post-Crisis Recovery, Sustainable Development
Zelensky does not believe that Russia will use nuclear weapons
Europe wants Russian coal
Rain on range – Getting muddy with NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Romania
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 21 September
Ambassador of Ukraine to Azerbaijan: “More than 8 thousand Ukrainian children are deported to Russia”
Ambassador of Belarus was called to Moldova Foreign Ministry because of Lukashenko’s words
Baltic countries and Poland closed entrance for Russian citizens
Spaniards will teach Ukrainian military military operations on tanks
Lukashenko fell upon USA: today Ukraine, tomorrow Moldova or Baltic states
Poland accused Germany: they deliberately do not help Ukraine
Norway is accused of trying to cash in a war in Ukraine
World Bracing for Severe Effects of Climate Change, New Survey Finds
Lewis Hamilton lines up with UNHCR in equality drive for refugee children’s education
In Kyiv, they presented recommendations on security guarantees for Ukraine
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan, with Focus on Situation of Women and Girls
Simonyan calls for unification of Russians and Ukrainians
Polish Prime Minister and President of Latvia arrived in Kyiv
Poland will buy almost a hundred American helicopters
Ukrainian military received Warmate drones
First German NATO brigade troops arrive in Lithuania
Turkey will begin to supply Bayractars to Poland
Russia is surrounded by a wall of Turkish drones
Prilepin offers to transfer capital of Russia to Khabarovsk: Closer to North Korea
Poland against entry of Russians into territory of European Union
Makhir Mammadov and Gunai Mammadzade about historical success of Azerbaijani chess
Experts of Committee on Rights of Child Commend Ukraine on its Commitment to Child Rights
Gas prices in Europe are reduced
“This day has come”: Magate Mission went to Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant
Lithuania will purchase dozens of drones-Kamikadze for Ukraine
Judo Azerbaijani Federation collects best athletes from eight countries in Goyel