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Lukashenko: Minsk and Moscow so far are tolerate “Men’s tricks” from West
More than 24 thousand
Putin signed Denunciation Law of Dovs
Minsk said that nuclear weapons of Russian Federation were aimed at restraining West
“Transneft”: “attempt to attack” on system of oil pipelines “Friendship” was committed
Moscow will tell Poland protest due to an incident with Russian diplomats
Belarus: units of people’s militia – Ministry of Defense were created
United States and Poland extended agreement on mutual procurement in field of defense
Siyyarto: “Grain initiative” is only success of intermediaries in Ukraine
Zakharova: Poland risks “finish”, demanding reparations from Russian Federation
Diplomatic mission of Russian Federation handed over to Foreign Ministry of Poland note of protest
Tourist flow to Antalya exceeded dopandemic indicators
Medvedev: Twitter bent under USA and Ukraine
Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland called for continuing support of Ukraine
President of Poland arrived with State Visit in Mongolia
Medvedev: Poland is not an evenness of Russia and it will never be
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Product removal of products from Ukraine
EU makes efforts to continue import of Ukrainian grain
Speaker of parliament: Azerbaijan for peace and normal relations in South Caucasus
Zakharova: Ukraine needs Poland only as “instrument of anti -Russian policy”
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 16
Cabinet of Council of Poland temporarily banned import of Ukrainian grain
Export of citrus fruits from Turkey over three months increased by 12%
Export of air conditioning systems from Turkey in first quarter reached $ 1.7 billion
13-year-old golf from Turkey entered top of world ranking WAGR
Poland asks for US interference in issue of supplies of Korean ammunition to Ukraine
In Poland, they honor memory of victims of Katyn tragedy
Tens of thousands of Israelis again reached protests
EU countries did not come to an agreement again
Poland can block new package of sanctions against Russia
Medvedev: New bloody boys will again provoke global conflict
Polish Prime Minister goes to Kyiv
Poland sends Belarusian military attache
Poland: Russian spy was charged
Poland conducted “secret operation” in Ukraine
Biden: not just Ukraine at stake, but freedom
Biden will make edits in his speech in Poland after Putin’s speech
Belarus announced “direct threats of military security”
Bayden already in Poland. They were waiting for him on Tuesday
Vuchich: World Armament Race has begun
Biden arrived in Kyiv by train
Polish President warns Lukashenko
Poland requires NATO guarantees for Ukraine
Biden can put Putin ultimatum
Biden administration advises Ukraine to prepare
Poland thinks about transfer of fighters to Ukrainians
Duda: Russia will not stop in Ukraine
Who will Biden meet in Warsaw?