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Kyiv: 52 UN and EU countries called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine
Italian farmers plan large protest campaign in vicinity of Rome
Protests of representatives of agricultural sector continue in France
Erdogan expressed condolences in connection with an armed attack in church of Santa Maria
President of Belarus called military to vigilance due to situation in neighboring countries
Largest NATO exercises after Cold War will begin next week
President of Poland warned against “tired of war”
Kazakhstan: in 2023, more than 223 million cyber attacks of foreign hackers recorded
Turkish “Besiktash” was headed by Portuguese Fernando Santush
Central Bank of Uzbekistan retained in November status of largest seller of gold
2023: Turkish muglu visited over 3 million foreign tourists
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Western countries “legitimized lawlessness”
Lithuanian Ambassador to EU: Baltic countries and Poland are calling for preparation of new sanctions against Russian Federation
Head of Ministry of Energy: Belarus can become one of world leaders in share of atomic generation in energy balance
Lukashenko supported extension of visa -free travel for inhabitants of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland
Baltic countries agreed to accelerated disconnection from Russian energy system
Members of international criminal organizations were detained in Turkey
Polish parliament voted for vote of trust in government
Member of parliament in Poland with help of fire extinguisher repaid candles in hanucal menor
Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine accused Poland of capturing Ukrainian economy
Lithuania called for military alliance with Poland
Poland: voting in parliamentary elections and referendum
About 1 million
Bulgaria was on ban on entry of cars with Russian numbers
Peskov: United States will continue its involvement in Ukrainian conflict
Poland signed an agreement on construction of first nuclear power plant in country
United States will allocate $ 2 billion for modernization of army
Kremlin: Moscow followed meeting of United States with countries of Central Asia
Ambassador of Ukraine was called to Poland Foreign Ministry
Ukraine will sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia due to ban on grain
Hungary and Slovakia introduced their own ban on Ukrainian grain
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 17
In NATO announced in 2024 largest exercises after Cold War
Poland announced grain prohibition for Ukraine despite compromise found by EC
Polish farmers advocate ban on grain imports from Ukraine
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on September 13
Poland does not intend to take ban on grain imports from Ukraine
Foreign Minister of Germany arrived in Kyiv
Zelensky: Ukraine against further restrictions against export of Ukrainian grain
In Romania, they announced fragments of Russian UAV found in country
US Congress approved sale of Apache Helicopters Poland
Polish Ministry of Defense will purchase 1.7 thousand
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 3
World War II: most terrible catastrophe in history of mankind
Poland and South Korea will conduct joint military exercises
Lukashenko stated unreasonable requirements for withdrawal of PMC “Wagner” from Belarus
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on August 31
Turkish volleyball players will play with Poland in quarterfinals of what