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As long as there is inequality, migration will continue
World Bank Supports Economic Recovery and Greater Competitiveness in Colombia with $500 Million Loan
Haiti’s children vulnerable to ‘violence, poverty and displacement’
City Climate Finance Gap Fund completes first year of operation with support to 33 cities
Maduro agreed with opposition, which West recognized authorities
US plan to increase refugee resettlement welcomed by UNHCR
Maduro criticized because of rings, which he was presented in Azerbaijan
Overwhelming Majority of Unilateral Measures Applied Today are Illegal under International Law
Extreme Heat Should Prompt New Border Approach: US
Human Rights Council Continues General Debate on High Commissioner’s Global Human Rights Update
Impunity Continues Largely Unabated for those who Perpetrate Serious Violations in Yemen
Gender equality and UN General Assembly: Facts and history to know
Landmark Reproductive Rights Rulings in Mexico
Sharmini Coorey to Retire as Director of IMF’s Institute for Capacity Development
Majority Want Covid Vaccine to Be Priority for Those Without First Dose
Q&A on Afghans Fleeing Taliban
Mass Expulsion of Asylum Seekers to Guatemala in Mexico
Consequences of “Ida”: oil spill in Gulf of Mexico
UNHCR warns of unprecedented displacement in Central America and Mexico
New Mu variant could be more vaccine-resistant
Human Rights Agenda for Political Negotiation in Venezuela
“Ida” turned water Mississippi reversed
Oil production in Gulf of Mexico almost froze
Supreme Court Ruling Endangers Asylum Seekers: US
Human Rights Council Expresses Grave Concern at All Violations and Abuses of Human Rights
High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges Special Session of Human Rights Council on Afghanistan to Establish Dedicated Mechanism
Conclusion of ILO observation mission in Silao, Guanajuato
Journalist in Mexico shot for criticism of police
Funding plea to combat Delta variant, call to suspend booster roll-out
Human Rights Council to Hold a Special Session on 24 August to Address “Serious Human Rights Concerns and Situation
Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Praised for Hosting Seven Online Regional Consultations as it Opens Twenty-Fifth
Urgent Need to Fast-Track Talks: Killer Robots
Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance 2021
ILO Observation Mission Announcement in Mexico
Young change-makers in 10 cities join new initiative for circular economy innovation
Fewer women than men will regain work during COVID-19 recovery: ILO
Fewer women than men will regain employment during COVID-19 recovery says ILO
COVID-19 pandemic leads to major backsliding on childhood vaccinations, new WHO, UNICEF data shows
Human Rights Council Adopts Two Resolutions on Climate Change and on Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
Establishes Mechanism to Protect Africans and People of African Descent against Excessive Use of Force by Law Enforcement Officers
Committee against Torture considers reports on follow-up to concluding observations, individual communications, and reprisals
Human Rights Council Adopts Three Resolutions on Human Rights in Tigray Region of Ethiopia, Human Rights
Renews Mandate on Eritrea and Calls for Removal of Unjustified Obstacles Restricting Export of COVID-19 Vaccines
Law Enforcement Officials must be Held Accountable for Crimes against People of African Descent and Alternative Approaches
ICC commits to adopt a Strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace Culture at Generation Equality Forum
From active funding to catalytic action
Poll Shows Social Distancing and Masks to Continue Despite COVID-19 Vaccination
Gangs attacked police officers in Mexico