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Zakharova: India is not colony of Germany
Arab countries advocate continuation of Black Sea Grain Initiative
Moscow and Kyiv accused each other of undermining Togliatti-Odesses ammonia
Belgorod region of Russian Federation again reported on shelling from territory of Ukraine
Russia: criminal cases were instituted on facts of poisoning by drink “Mr. Sidr”
Ex-President of Russian Federation: Kyiv and West are ready for anything to “erase Russia from face of earth”
Dushanbe does not consider issue of possible accession of country to EAEU – Foreign Ministry
In Kherson region of Ukraine, state of emergency was introduced due to breakthrough of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
Chisinau is ready to contribute to regional world and security – Foreign Minister
Russian Foreign Ministry said “undermining” at Kakhovskaya hydroelectric attack “terrorist attack”
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced control of Berkhovka in Bakhmut area
Minister of Defense of Russian Federation accused Kyiv of undermining dam of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
Zakharova: Permanent Representative of Russian Federation still warned UN about Kyiv’s plans for Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
ICKK: collapse at Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station is one of most serious consequences of conflict
Investigative Committee of Russian Federation opened case on destruction of dam of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
In control of army of Russian Federation, Novokakhovsky City District of Ukraine introduced State of Emergency
NATO Secretary General condemned bombing of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric station in Ukraine
Export of agricultural products from Turkey beats records
Positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were again fired from Armenian side
Shmygal: destruction of Kakhovsky hydroelectric power station is fraught with an ecological disaster for south of Ukraine
FSB: Ukrainian intelligence plans in Russian Federation terrorist attacks using “dirty bomb”
Rosatom announced absence of threat of ZAEC in connection with separation of Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station
More than 8 thousand have returned to Kazakhstan since beginning of year
General Director Magate warned of threats against ZAES
Russian Foreign Ministry appreciated prospects for extending grain transaction
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported tortured attempt to penetrate from Ukraine
Lukashenko: Minsk and Moscow so far are tolerate “Men’s tricks” from West
Belgorod region of Russian Federation reported on new shelling
Head of Belgorod region of Russian Federation announced 5 dead during shelling
Contractors from Turkey for 5 months received $ 6.5 billion orders from abroad
Pentagon: Beijing does not want to improve mechanism of conflict prevention
Representatives of 78 countries of world will take part in inauguration of President of Turkey
Between Azerbaijan and Armenia, significant progress in unlocking railway communication has been achieved
Blinken said introduction of RF Armed Forces into Ukraine “Putin’s strategic failure”
Gazprom suspens “Turkish stream” due to technical work
Governor of Russian Belgorod reported 2 dead as result of shelling
Services sector will play key role in growth of trade in Turkey and Russian Federation – Hİb
Trump in case of presidency initiates negotiations between Russian Federation and Ukraine
UN: As part of Black Sea Grain Initiative, 30.5 million tons of grain were transported
Moldova will resume mail with Russia
Great Britain allocated to Moldova 10.5 million pounds
Foreign Ministry: Zakharova has no right to talk about human rights
Belgorod region of Russian Federation reported shelling from territory of Ukraine
Germany demanded from Russian Federation to close 4 consultations
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation announced wanted list of two former ministers of defense of Ukraine
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced destruction of last ship of Ukrainian Navy
Moldova: II summit of European political community starts
Astana does not consider sending peacekeepers to border of Russian Federation and Ukraine – deputy minister