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Elderly Ukrainians care about dozens of homeless animals in Orekhov
Ex-president of Russian Federation: threat of direct clash with NATO has never been so real
“Anadola” captured work of mortar calculations of Armed Forces in Zaporozhye
Council of People’s Commissars appointed President of Russian Federation for March 17
Vladimir Putin arrived in Saudi Arabia
Zakharova: West “betrayed” Ukraine and took advantage of trust of Ukrainian people
President of Ukraine congratulated military on Day of Armed Forces of country
Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine accused Poland of capturing Ukrainian economy
United States introduced export restrictions on 28 Russian companies
Lavrov: joint work of Caspian countries contributes to security of Eurasian continent
Putin: Russian Federation is ready to cooperate with everyone for “fair” human rights system
Moscow and Ashgabat discussed interaction at international sites
Almost half of inhabitants of Ukraine for compromise with Russian Federation
Ukraine: tanks play special role in maintaining defense line
Finland terminated agreement on border cooperation with Russian Federation
Syria: members of pro -River groups were killed
Peskov declared “absurd and stupid” decision of Bulgaria not to miss Zakharova
Under Ukrainian Avdeevka, fierce clashes continue
First meeting of CIS Human Rights Commission was held in Minsk
Zakharova: In Russian Federation, they will take into account possibility of accompanying NATO ships following following vessels from Ukraine
Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively used artillery in direction of Avdeevka
Assistant to President of Russian Federation: Russia has never had goal of winning Ukraine
Putin: Any intervention from outside of Russian Federation considers as aggressive actions against country
Ukraine: 10 people died due to bad weather
Next tour of UEFA Champions League starts
Ukrainian helps children affected by war
Lavrov compared international situation with Cold War period
Lithuania called for military alliance with Poland
President of Ukraine met with Swiss colleague in Kyiv
Zelensky: Ukraine will follow path of freedom with those who respect its statehood
9 civilians became victims of attacks of Syrian army in Idlib
Erdogan noted growth of demand for certified halal products and services
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 16 UAVs
With advent of cold weather in Ukraine, fierce battles continue
Putin: Cooperation in CSTO helps to rally states
10 years have passed since beginning of Euromaidan in Kyiv
Russia banned entry of 11 Moldova deputies
Temporary ban on gasoline was canceled in Russia
Chancellor Germany: Türkiye made an important contribution to export of Ukrainian grain
Ankara commented on possibility of using S-400
Vice President and Head of Turkish Ministry of Culture visited Russian stand on Travelexpo Ankara
CSTO: no applications for exit of Armenia from organization were received
Turkish parliament extended mandate to stay Turkish military in Azerbaijan
79 years have passed since deportation of Turks Ahhysk
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 4 UAVs over number of regions
Turkish parliament will consider extension of mandate for stay of Turkish military in Azerbaijan
Kremlin: West is “friends” with some countries for sake of Russian Federation
Russia terminates agreement with Japan on elimination of nuclear weapons