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And Norway will close boundaries for Russians
Merkel wants to attract Russia to ensure safety of Europe
Pushilin admitted: Liman is surrounded by Ukrainians
United States said they would not forgive annexation of territories of Ukraine
Britain Prime Minister accuses Putin
Lukashenko declared perpetrators of war in Ukraine
Ukrainians took control of village in Donetsk region
Bakcell continues to help families of shahids and veterans
Zelensky explained position of China
Biden: results of “referendums” are fabricated in Moscow
Russia accuses Guterrisha: violated UN Charter
Russia hit several Ukrainian cities: dozens of dead
Henry and Gabrielyan spouses are accused of trying to espionage to Russia
Army of Ukraine closed ring around estuary
Human Rights Council Starts General Debate on Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms
Finland closed border with Russia
Work of Russian Consulate in Montenegro is suspended
Gutherrish criticized “referendums” in Ukraine: they have no legal force
Latvia refuses Russian sector in schools
Zelensky turned to peoples of Caucasus
Putin demanded to deal with errors during mobilization
Erdogan and Putin discussed Ukraine 30 September
Chavushoglu about role of Azerbaijan in energy security
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with its Advisory Committee and Starts Interactive Dialogue
Italy asked her citizens to leave Russia
Putin: “Terrorists from Afghanistan threaten CIS countries”
Tokaev instructed to strengthen control at border due to influx of Russians to Kazakhstan
Putin: inciting conflicts in CIS – result of collapse of USSR
Zakharova responded to Pashinyan’s proposal about international observers
Report details disturbing trends as reprisals continue against people cooperating with UN
Moscow and Washington can meet with advisory commission
Dagestanis asked Putin to postpone mobilization in republic
At home Shoigu protests against mobilization
Minister of Defense of Ukraine told “rubbish” nuclear weapons of Russia
Derbent: all local men are urgently called to military registration and enlistment office
EU wants to ban contracts with Russian oil companies
Listening to Kazakhstan: Survey Spotlights Challenges Along with Optimism on Economic Prospects
“Kalashnikov” record production of weapons recordly
Poland allowed NATO forces in Ukraine in case of a nuclear strike
Parallel imports in Russia under threat due to mobilization
Putin will hold a meeting with members of Security Council
Kremlin: Erdogan and Putin will talk on phone
Kremlin announced release of territories of Ukraine
In Russia “imported” Lego
NATO declared reason for gas leaks on “northern streams”
Largest Turkish bank stopped working with Mir
Pashinyan Party discusses exit from CSTO
NATO Deputy Secretary General calls for strengthened partnerships to accelerate innovation