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A well -known athlete was detained in Ukraine: for adjusting fire of Russian troops
Italy deprived of State Technical University of Mishustin and Manturov
Appetites of deputy of Tolstoy: Ukraine, Belarus will join Russia, “and then – let’s see”
As EU Seeks to Cut Fossil Fuel Ties with Russia, CEOs Step Up with Action Plan on Energy and Food Security
Searches in mansion of a Russian businessman in Britain
Macron urged Georgia to impose sanctions against Russia
Kremlin told what they were expected from Kyiv
Zakharova is already threatened by YouTube
Sholts: We must make Putin understand that there will be no imposed world
European Union froze four times less Bank of Russia assets than USA
NATO Deputy Secretary General opens “Defence Disrupted” innovation and technology conference
Vladimir Putin wrote to Ilham Aliyev
Iran still has a debt to Russia at Busher NPP
India discusses method of payment of Russian oil in conditions of anti -Russian sanctions
China announced “tightening conflict” in Ukraine
Bulgaria can become independent of Russian gas until end of year
Greece will give United States Iranian oil from detained Russian tanker
Britain Foreign Minister: “We need to answer Russian aggression only by force”
Israel forbade Germany to supply Spike missiles to Ukraine
Michelle “noted” President of Russia and urged to stop distributing misinformation
State Department: United States will not remove sanctions against Russian Federation until war is stopped
Cultural destruction in Ukraine by Russian forces will reverberate for years, UN rights expert warns
Kadyrov threatened Poland: if there is a team, we will show you in six seconds
Bayramov: Azerbaijan, among first countries, provided assistance to Ukraine
Italy, Hungary and Cyprus require negotiations with Russia
Rinat Akhmetov will file a lawsuit against Russia for $ 20 billion
Conversation with Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Blows in Dnipropetrovsk region: Kindergarten and Church were damaged
Kadyrov said that Russian troops entered Lisichansk
‘New dawn’ for Europe as War in Ukraine Strengthens EU and Support for Enlargement
Britain: Russia’s proposal was rejected
Kuleba announced “extremely bad” for Armed Forces of Armed Forces in Donbass
Head of region again announced shelling of Belgorod region
NATO Secretary General meets with Chairman of Tri-Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sefik Džaferović
General Barrons: War in Ukraine may come to a standstill
Sweden rejected Turkey’s allegations
Zakharova: EU wants to wedge into process of agreements between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia
Russia is ready to help Azerbaijan and Armenia: there are all cartographic materials
Moscow accused Poland of plans for expansion to Ukraine
Intelligence of Ukraine: Russian bombers conducted exercises over Caspian Sea
Mariupol: Russian passports are already issued
Prime Minister Moldova about country’s application to European Union: “It is very important that we are not forgotten”
Russia and Iran to combine their payment systems
Russia called on USA and their satellites get used to ruble
Matvienko stood up for celebrities – opponents of war
Putin simplified issuance of citizenship to residents of two regions of Ukraine
Now older people can also become contractors in Russia
Italy froze property of simultaneous Russians