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Georgia celebrates Independence Day 26 May
Number of those who died as result of shelling of Belgorod region increased to three
Zakharova criticized “call” of NATO Secretary General to allow blows to territory of Russian Federation
Volodin: “Threats and Violence” became basis of policy of Washington and Brussels
First cargo train arrived in Turkey on modernized route of railway line
Lukashenko accused United States of death of President Iran Ebrahim Raisi
Vladimir Putin: legitimacy of President of Ukraine Zelensky is over
Analytics – What will change in Russia with new Minister of Defense?
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported capture of 4 settlements in Ukraine per week
Meeting of Council of Heads of Security Bodies of CIS is taking place in Bishkek
Norway tightens restrictions on entry of Russian citizens
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of UAV over Tatarstan
Putin allowed use of US property in Russian Federation in response to seizure of Russian assets
Ryabkov: Russian Federation invariably advocates preservation of cosmos as an exclusively peaceful environment
As result of shelling of Ukrainian Kharkov, six people were killed
Peskov: In Russian Federation, consistent work is underway to combat corruption, not campaign
Russia: deputy chief of General Staff of Armed Forces Vadim Shamarin was detained
6 people became victims of fire in suburbs
Analytics – Putin’s visit to China: is eastern alliance become stronger?
Above Belgorod region of Russian Federation, 6 reactive shells and UAVs are humiliated
Russia: exercises began to increase readiness of non -strategic nuclear forces
Lavrov: conference in Switzerland is convened to discuss Zelensky’s formula “in form of an ultimatum”
Putin and Mirziyoyev discussed further development of bilateral cooperation
When attacking drone-kamikadze on car in Belgorod region of Russian Federation, woman died
Foreign Minister of Russian Federation: Putin and Tokaev plan to hold at least two meetings in coming months
Ex-President of Russian Federation: Vladimir Zelensky “Uzurpied power in Ukraine”
Putin told President Iran who died in plane crash of President of Iran
International half marathon One Run was held in Bishkek
Russian Foreign Ministry announced Putin’s visit to PRC “fateful for entire planet”
Russian Ministry of Defense reported interception of 60 UAVs over Krasnodar and Belgorod
Anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars: pain of tragic events does not subside for 80 years
Drone attacked car of local communal enterprise in Kursk region of Russian Federation, there is dead
Russia seeks to enter growing global market for halal products
Putin: In Russian Federation, about 50 thousand receive higher education
Kazakhstan plans to launch new production at Baikonur Cosmodrome
Japan expressed protest of Russia and PRC in connection with their concern with “radionuclide water” from Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 102 UAVs over four regions
Russia announced expulsion of attache on defense of British Embassy
Russian Federation and China will actively cooperate in order to strengthen security in Persian Gulf
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced destruction of 12 sulfate boats in Black Sea
Türkiye is largest investor in Tatarstan
Volodin accused Kyiv of drawing in United States and European countries “in big war”
Almost 8.8 thousand were evacuated from Kharkov region
Ukrainian swimmer received Turkish citizenship
Putin: relations between Russia and China are not conjunctural and are not directed against anyone
Head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov met with ambassadors on Kazanforum 2024
Czech Republic announced support of European integration process of Moldova
General Staff of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan: Peacekeepers of Russian Federation made efforts to ensure peace and stability in Karabakh