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Lithuania Parliament will discuss cancellation of residence permit to number of citizens of Russian Federation and Belarus
Putin: most difficult situation with floods remains in Orenburg region of Russian Federation
Putin: Russian Federation is ready to interact with everyone in ensuring global and regional security
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 8 UAVs over four regions
Councils of Russian Federation: partnership of Moscow and Beijing – sample of interaction of large powers
Schools and colleges in Russian Federation will oblige to introduce an UAV manage from September
In night attacks of Ukrainian Odessa, 9 people were injured
More than 14.7 thousand remain flooded in Russian Federation
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Relations of Moscow and Beijing are dynamically and comprehensively develop
US will withdraw troops from Niger
Azerbaijani-Chinese relations are being discussed in Baku
Russia struck ballistic missiles in Odessa region
Georgia: female marches will be held against law on foreign agents
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of about 50 UAVs over various regions
Zelensky visited Donetsk region
Putin and Aliyev will discuss in Moscow development of strategic partnership and allies
Prime Minister: in US Congress assured Ukraine in support of bills for help
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: during night of air defense, 25 shells and 3 UAVs over Belgorod region were destroyed
Reserves of Central Bank of Turkey amount to 126.9 billion US dollars
Kremlin: financial support of Ukraine provides US profit
Defense Ministry: During week, Turkish military neutralized 75 terrorists in Syria and Iraq
Tallinn: conflict in Ukraine reduced attractiveness of Estonia for Western investors
Zelensky announced “risk of bias of Russian Federation” on nuclear power plants
Pashinyan: Early elections are not planned before division of borders
Ankara and Moscow discussed situation in gas
Number of flooded residential buildings in Russian Federation reached almost 18 thousand per day
Large number of missiles and UAVs were destroyed over Belgorod, Voronezh and Rostov regions
Dushanbe discussed improvement of air defense system of CIS countries
Baku: decision to withdraw Russian peacekeepers was made by leadership of Azerbaijan and Russian Federation
Russia closed entrance to country for 235 citizens of Australia
Medvedev: experimental and well -known Hollywood hand is visible behind rallies in Tbilisi “
Ukraine reported victims during missile strike on Chernigov
Peak of flood is expected in coming days in Kurgan region of Russian Federation
Process of withdrawal of Russian peacekeeping contingent from Azerbaijan began
Ankara: meeting of Foreign Minister of Turkey and Deputy Secretary of State of United States took place
Tyumen region announced an urgent evacuation due to floods
First semi -finalists will determine football league of Champions League
Foreign Minister of Ukraine urged NATO to strengthen attention to Black Sea region in order to counteract Russian Federation
Joint Russian-Tajik military teaching started in Tajikistan
In Russia and Kazakhstan, evacuation continues due to floods
Forum “Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum” will be held in Kazan
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Moscow will raise question of transfer of discussions in South Caucasus from Switzerland
Germany will put new air defense system in Ukraine
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported to be controlled by Ukrainian settlement Pervomaisky
Number of those who died in annexed Russian Federation of Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine increased to 10
Russian Foreign Ministry said Tokyo’s statement about Russian nuclear threat “disrespect for victims of American attacks”
More than 12.7 thousand
Kremlin: Istanbul Treaty may be basis for negotiations in Ukraine