All korea news and updates

Seoul: UN Security Council ignores “illegal behavior” of Pyongyan
Tokaev: Kazakhstan pursues peaceful foreign policy
South Korea intends to launch Nuri missile
Presidents of South Korea and Ukraine first negotiated fields of G7 summit
GDP per capita in Russia approached record
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
Cappadocia awaits record number of tourists
Japan placed Patriot (PAC-3) missiles near Taiwan Strait
South Korea and United States will hold negotiations on cybersecurity
In South Korea, US Air Force fighter crashed
Bayden: Union of Seoul and Washington is based on general beliefs
Saudi Arabia evacuated 385 people from Sudan
Erdogan announced Putin’s participation in ceremony at Akkui NPP
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 16
American strategic B-52H bombers flew over Japanese Sea
DPRK experienced new intercontinental ballistic missile
Poland asks for US interference in issue of supplies of Korean ammunition to Ukraine
Forest fires threaten one of the coastal cities of South Korea
Danilov: war will end when Ukrainian tanks will be on Red Square
North Korea launched rockets. Tokyo requested an emergency meeting of UN Security Council
Azerbaijani judoka won Bolshoi helmet tournament in Tel Aviv
Medvedchuk offered Kremlin “Plan B”
Former diplomat is judged in Baku: he appropriated hundreds of thousands of manat
Patriot began to guard sky over Warsaw
Medvedev: “Korean script” for Ukraine – just Wishlist
Office of President of South Korea was accused of consultations with fortuneteller
North Korea will send military to “restore Donbass”
“Bomb for bomb”: North Korea threatened USA
Pentagon: United States is ready to use nuclear weapons to protect South Korea
USA and South Korea expand exercises
It is forbidden: Seoul refused to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine
North Korea promises to “always be in same trench with army of Russia”
South Korea will develop plan for unification with DPRK
State Department warned: United States will pursue “Wagnerians” around world
Kim Jong -unwaled
Prime Minister of Japan: future of Asia depends on outcome of war in Ukraine
State Department: North Korea provided military assistance to Russia
Poland creates new tank division
Kremlin: Messages about truce with Ukraine according to “Korean version” – duck
Saudi Arabia reduced oil prices for Asia and Europe
Head of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine: Russia wants to offer Ukraine “Korean script”
Stoltenberg announced dangers of Union of Russia and China
North Korean drone reached office of president of South Korea
Britain advised DPRK to engage in welfare of its citizens
Kim Jong -un: Washington creates “Asian version of NATO”
COVID is not given: countries of world tighten anticoronaviral measures
Deputy suggested calling for aid of Mongols
In South Korea, ex-president, convicted of 17 years, was pardoned