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Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia: We are next to friendly Azerbaijani people
Ali Assadov met with general director of Border Service of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia will refuse dollar in trade?
Husites killed commander of ground forces of Saudi Arabia
Pakistan will begin imports of Russian oil
Saudi Arabia told Israel its condition
Ronaldo rented 17 rooms in elite skyscraper of Er-Riyad
Saudi Arabia reduced oil prices for Asia and Europe
UN will be urgently gathered due to visit of Israeli minister to temple mountain
Ronaldo announced end of European career
Act of Israeli minister caused scandal. Netanyahu cancels visit to emirates
Yemen conflict: ICRC visits more than 3,400 detainees in 2022, reiterates continued commitment to support release and transfer operations
Iran enriching ‘worrying quantities’ of uranium, in further blow for nuclear deal: UN political chief
DiCarlo: “Restoring the JCPOA remains crucial” to assure the international community of the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme
Saudi Arabia is ready to employ tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis
Iran is ready to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia 19 December
Tour find in Azerbaijan has grown
Amount spent on restoration of liberated territories is
Saudi Arabia is interested in investments in Karabakh
President’s special representative told how many jobs are planned to be opened in Karabakh
Delegation of Saudi Arabia will fly to Zangilan
Netanyahu has big plans for Saudi Arabia
Pandemic Fund to Distribute First Funds
Saudi Arabia Tracks Influenza Cases in Nationwide Survey
Improved Flu Data Sharing in Eastern Med: EMFLU 2.0
Sudan Pact Falls Short on Justice Reforms
Saudi Arabia signed an investment agreement with China $ 50 billion
Xi Jinping invited Arabs to pay for oil and gas by yuani
World Health Organization Director-General meets with KSrelief Supervisor General H.E Dr Abdullah Al Rabeeah
In United States closed case of murder of journalist against Prince of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia will reduce oil prices for Asia and Europe
State-Backed Hacking of Activists, Journalists, Politicians in Iran
ICC Reignites Hope for Long-Delayed Justice in Libya
Export of Saudi oil in USA and China has sharply decreased
UN experts call for immediate moratorium on executions for drug offences: Saudi Arabia
Iraq offered Iran to help in negotiations with Saudi Arabia
Er-Riyad concluded multi-billion dollar deal with Beijing
World Cup 2022: Saudi Arabia could not present another surprise
Each football player of Saudi Arabian national team received Rolls Royce for $ 500 thousand
WhatsApp users were put up for sale
Lost another favorite of World Cup 2022 – Germany
First sensation at World Cup 2022: Argentina with Messi lost Saudi Arabia
Resumption of executions for drug-related offences: Saudi Arabia
Desert in Saudi Arabia turned into “lakes”
US Department of State: Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has immunity in murder of Khashkaji
Magate requires Russia to stop occupation of nuclear facilities in Ukraine
US Navy intercepted huge batch of explosives in Oman Gulf
IMF Managing Director Welcomes Debt Treatment Agreement Reached by Chad and its Creditors under G20 Common Framework