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India discusses method of payment of Russian oil in conditions of anti -Russian sanctions
Saudi Arabia has stated conditions for normalizing relations with Israel
Geopolitical Crises Forcing Leaders to Face up to Difficult New Realities
Hajj in 2022: cost of pilgrimage from Azerbaijan
UN migration agency and EU step up aid for 325,000 Yemenis in need
King and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia congratulate Ilham Aliyev
Russia found a buyer for its oil
Hizballa allies lose their places in parliament of Lebanon
Saudi Arabia announced exhaustion of world reserves
Australia 2022 Election Questionnaire
Saudi Arabia reduced oil prices
ICRC: 117 detainees repatriated to Yemen from Saudi Arabia
Erdogan declared victory of Macron “Victory of whole world”
Forthcoming Penal Code Should Protect Rights in Saudi Arabia
Submission by Human Rights Watch to UN Ad Hoc Committee to Elaborate Comprehensive International Convention on Countering Use
Girls’ performance in maths ‘starting to add up to boys’, says UNESCO
Crucial Need for Macron to Focus on Rights in France
Chair’s Statement: Forty-Fifth Meeting of IMFC
Arab countries demanded from Israel to move to borders of 1967
UN High Commissioner must uphold principled and coherent response to China’s human rights crisis
Latest Round of Saudi-UAE-Led Attacks Targets Civilians in Yemen
‘Light at end of tunnel’ as first nationwide truce in six years continues
UN unveils plan to prevent stricken oil tanker disaster off Yemen coast
Turkey handed over to murder of journalist Hashkadzhi Saudi Arabia
Flabian CM-2022 Football: Spain against Germany, Iran vs. USA
Work ‘in concert’ to help bring Yemen closer to peaceful future
Alarming decline in labour productivity growth in Arab States – but policy reforms can fuel recovery
Guterres welcomes consultations to protect civilians caught in urban conflict
Israel expressed concern about US actions
UN chief condemns attacks on civilian facilities in Saudi Arabia and Yemen
Russia: there were countries that will not support exception from G20
Urgently Adopt Human Rights Policy: English Premier League
UN rights body should do more to address abuses in Russia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China
Husites declared shocks with covered missiles on SAUDI ARAMCO facilities in Jeddah
$4.3 billion needed to help over 17 million people across Yemen
10 Egyptian Nubians Held Unjustly in Saudi Arabia
Yemen war now ‘chronic emergency’ as millions face hunger
Violence against Children Has Increased Due to Pandemic and Multiple Humanitarian Crises
Passenger traffic at airports Azerbaijan has grown by almost 200%
Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan puts task to become a major manufacturer and exporter of electricity
Mass Execution of 81 Men in Saudi Arabia
UN rights chief decries mass execution of 81 people in Saudi Arabia
Human Rights Council Holds Annual Interactive Debate on Rights of Persons with Disabilities on Theme of Statistics and Data
Comment by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on execution of 81 people in Saudi Arabia
Human Rights Council Discusses Artificial Intelligence in Context of Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Importance of Farmers’
In Saudi Arabia, 81 people executed: of these are seven yemen citizens
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Situation of Human Rights Defenders
Human Rights Council Concludes Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Environment and Starts Interactive