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Ice started: national security advisor emirates goes to Iran
Statement of Tripartite Commission Thirty cases of missing persons from 1990-1991 Gulf War officially closed
Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination closes one hundred and fifth session after adopting concluding observations
Committee against Torture closes seventy-second session after adopting concluding observations on Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania
GCC returns to growth amid high oil prices and strong responses to Covid but large wage bills threaten its economies
Global displacement rising despite lockdowns that kept billions grounded
Another country revealed an Omicron strain of Coronavirus
Saudi Arabia will send $ 3 billion to support economy of Pakistan
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and Saudi Arabia held consultations
Israel banned his cyberoreuage for Saudi Arabia and UAE
Australia recognized Hezbolla to terrorist organization
Plan to reduce oil prices: that Biden suggested Si Jinping
Terrorism Laws Abused in Businessmen’s Arrests in Egypt
Buta Airways begins flights to Saudi Arabia
US: ex-adviser of Pentagon, who served interests of Armenia
Between Iran and Saudi Arabia melts ice
Saudi Arabia can buy Russian S-400
Committee against Torture Opens Seventy-second Session, Elects New Chair and Bureau
Azal begins special flights to Jidda
USA will be sold by Saudi Arabia Rocket for $ 650 million
UN experts call for protection of trafficked workers from Viet Nam in Saudi Arabia
Livan’s Minister refused to apologize for his words
UN experts call for protection of trafficked workers: Viet Nam and Saudi Arabia
Saudi Prince of Ilham Aliyev
Yemen recalled ambassador in Beirut
In Saudi Arabia, stated conditions for normalization of relations with Israel
Countries most at risk, lead way on climate action
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Ask Yemen about Discrimination against Women and Lack
Mysterious flight from Israel to Saudi Arabia. plane sat in Baku
In Saudi Arabia, for first time, an Israeli plane landed
Use of WHO costing and budgeting tool for National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance in Sierra Leone
‘pathbreaking work’ to protect planet
Oil broke a seven-year record
Saudi Prince urged oilmen not to relax
Fuad Muradov strengthens Arab direction
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia receives remains of missing Saudi national found in Iraq
Secret negotiations of Israel and Saudi Arabia: new details
German soldiers tried to create an illegal military formation
In world’s largest mosque, have canceled a social distance
Iran has become subject of negotiations by head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia and Blink
More than a million tons of oil on an overheet tanker off shores of Yemen
Noncompetitive Rights Council Election Aids Abusers: UN
Human Rights Council Concludes Forty-eighth Regular Session after Adopting 25 Resolutions and One Statement by President
Human Rights Council Extends Mandates on Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Cambodia and Libya
Mfv does not know what to do with head of Foundation accused of falsifying indicators of Azerbaijan
Human Rights Council Hears Presentations by High Commissioner on Cambodia, Georgia
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Sudan, Somalia and Central African Republic under its Agenda Item
Deteriorating Security Situation in Eastern Ukraine Has Seen an Increase