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Azerbaijani President accepted Minister for Hajj and Umra Saudi Arabia
Yemen’s authorities opened Marib-san’s highway
Hakan Fidan met with colleagues from Saudi Arabia and France
Russian Federation, as humans, delivered 200 thousand tons of grain to number of African countries
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: second meeting of UN Secretary General with special representatives in Afghanistan failed
Tor Holding signed an agreement with Ministry of Investments of Saudi Arabia
Messi and Ronaldo teams will play against each other
Georgia and Saudi Arabia will create an interconnection
Zelensky: meeting in Davos confirms formation of Ukraine’s initiatives by global
Saudi Arabia and Greece discussed situation in gas sector
IL Messaggero: Togg in focus of CES 2024 exhibition in USA
Saudi Arabia condemned terrorist attacks in Iran
Foreign tour of Istanbul in January-November 2023 grew by 9%
Argentina President notified exit from BRICS
Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia signed number of intergovernmental agreements
Astana and Riyadh agreed on visa-free regime for diplomats
Iran approved an agreement on abolition of visa regime with 33 countries
UN: armed conflict in Sudan forced 7 million people to leave their homes
NATO Secretary General is in Saudi Arabia
Vladimir Putin arrived in Saudi Arabia
Turkey: military exercises “Nusret-2023” are held
President Erdogan got acquainted with Expo 2023 exhibition in Doha
Messi and Ronaldo will play against each other
France will put air defense system in Armenia
Moscow format opposed placement of military infrastructure of third countries in Afghanistan
Lavrov: Russian Federation does not accept return of military infrastructure of United States and NATO to Afghanistan
Turkish Association “Sadakatash” helps those in need of Yemen
Hakan Fidan met with Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia
Sergey Lavrov met with UN General See Gaterrish
In Saudi Arabia, two military were executed on charges of Gosizmen
Brent barrels Brent cost $ 92.22
“Corridor wars” in global geopolitics
Erdogan and Prince Salman discussed bilateral relations
Countries G20 agreed to provide status of permanent member of African Union
Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE expressed Morocco condolences
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
Er -ryad and Ulan Bator will discuss environmental cooperation
Ronaldo scored 850th goal and updated world record
BRICS attracts attention of whole world, including Africa
BRICS will not change name after expansion
Ankara, Riyadh and Islamabad discussed defense cooperation
Putin congratulated new BRICS countries on entry into association
BRICS will include six new countries
Since 1972, Turkish contractors have been implemented abroad projects in amount of $ 482 billion
Meeting of heads of Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia and Iran lasted 3.5 hours
Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia discussed food security issues
Iranian Foreign Minister left for visit to Saudi Arabia
More than 2 million captagon tablets were seized in port of Saudi Arabia