All saudi arabia news and updates

In Riyadh will resume work of embassy of Iran
Heavy clashes continue in Sudan
Contractors from Turkey for 5 months received $ 6.5 billion orders from abroad
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Bin Salman congratulated President Erdogan
In west of Sudan, fierce clashes between army and militarized rapid response forces continue
Brent oil price has fallen in price on eve of OPEC+ meeting+
Saudi Arabia invests $ 3 billion in Iraq
MOM: number of internally displaced persons in Sudan after April 15 exceeded 1 million
Sudan: weekly truce entered into force
Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia held negotiations in Saudi Arabia
Sudan: army and special forces agreed to humanitarian truce for period of seven days
822 civilians of Sudan became victims of clashes for month
Foreign Minister of Iran and Saudi Arabia discussed normalization of relations
Mevlut Chavushoglu: Turkey, Russia, Iran and Syria will prepare “road map” in Syria
Commander of Sudanese army asks South Sudan to assist in negotiations
Opposing aspects of Sudan continue negotiations in Jidd
Jidd: we discussed ways to expand strategic ties of Washington and Riyadh
Lag approved return of Assad regime to organization
Kuwait joined SCO in status of “dialog partner”
Saudi Arabia is ready to accept representatives of warring parties in Sudan
Head of lag considers high probability of return of Damascus to organization
Many countries continue to evacuate citizens from Sudan
OIS condemned attack on diplomatic mission of Saudi Arabia in Sudan
Türkiye completed evacuation of citizens from Sudan
OIS will hold an emergency meeting on situation in Sudan
Sudanese army to extend ceasefire for another 72 hours
Crisis around Ukraine increased deadlines of sea oil transmission
Tehran reported resumption of trade ties with Riyadh
Saudi Arabia evacuated 385 people from Sudan
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 24
Jordan began to evacuate her citizens from Sudan
Türkiye increases exports to UAE and Saudi Arabia
Foreign Ministry: Er-Riyad hopes for activation of political dialogue in Yemen
Iranian President invited King of Saudi Arabia to visit Tehran
Foreign Ministry: Iran and Saudi Arabia will resume work of embassies until May 9
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 16
Silk Way Wayst Airlines announces regular flights to dams and Tashkent
Oman completely opened airspace
Tour find in Azerbaijan is growing
Secret negotiations of Israel and Saudi Arabia
OPEC+ will discuss oil production plan
Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia: We are next to friendly Azerbaijani people
Ali Assadov met with general director of Border Service of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia will refuse dollar in trade?
Husites killed commander of ground forces of Saudi Arabia
Pakistan will begin imports of Russian oil
Saudi Arabia told Israel its condition
Ronaldo rented 17 rooms in elite skyscraper of Er-Riyad