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Number of victims of collapse of multi -storey building in South Africa increased to 32 people
Number of victims of collapse of multi -storey building in South Africa increased to 19 people
During collapse of multi -storey building in South Africa, 8 people were killed
Boat with illegal migrants sank in Atlantic Ocean
First regional Minister of Scotland Yusuf is resigned
Over 130 illegal migrants were saved off coast of Morocco
Great Britain imposed sanctions against some enterprises of Sudan
Forum “Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum” will be held in Kazan
Ship with migrants sank in Mediterranean Sea: 9 people died
In schools of South Sudan, training was suspended due to abnormal heat
Gemini chat botu with artificial intelligence was banned to answer questions related to elections
Joint exercises of Navy of China, Russia and Iran continue in Oman Gulf
RF, China and Iran began naval exercises in Oman Gulf
Estonia contributes to search for potential shell suppliers for Ukraine
Erdogan: Türkiye achieves historical successes in defense industry
Foreign Minister of Belarus: Relations of Minsk and Harara are based on trust and friendship
Belarus and Zimbabwe expressed readiness for mutual support at international sites
Cat-d’Ivoire and Nigeria will play in final of African Cup
Foreign Minister: Türkiye is committed to integrity of Libya
Foreign Minister of Russian Federation: Anti -Russian steps do not find support from countries of Global South
Nigeria: 185 terrorists and members of armed gangs were neutralized in week
During collapse of gold mine in Mali, 70 people died
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: Ukraine in conflict with Russia supports 54 countries
Argentina President notified exit from BRICS
UN: armed conflict in Sudan forced 7 million people to leave their homes
UN: armed conflict in Sudan took lives of over 12 thousand people
State Department: Türkiye played an active role in fight against deash
Football world honors Maradona’s memory
Ilham Aliyev: Most of colonial crimes were committed by France
Undp: 1.1 billion
By 2050, every sixth people in world will be older than 65 years
Presidents of Russian Federation and Iran discussed situation around Karabakh
Head of Sudan called on international community to reckon SBR to terrorist groups
Erdogan discussed issues of regional and global agenda with President of South Avia
Africa seeks to increase role in UN system
Four migrants died off coast of Tunisia
Unisef: 333 million
Lavrov: Armenian leadership actions are regretted
Chairmanship in G-20 passed to Brazil
Countries G20 agreed to provide status of permanent member of African Union
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
Türkiye will condole South Africa in connection with fire
Lavrov: West course is fraught with new confrontation situations
BRICS attracts attention of whole world, including Africa
BRICS will not change name after expansion
Alternative markets are becoming increasingly important for Russia
Putin congratulated new BRICS countries on entry into association
BRICS will include six new countries