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̇STANBUL PUBLISHING FELLOWSHIP 2023: Dialogue about future of publishing business
Representatives of 78 countries of world will take part in inauguration of President of Turkey
17 people became victims of bombing in Sudan
Number of cholera who died as result of an epidemic in South Africa reached 17
Putin: Russian Federation is interested in honest, productive and pragmatic interaction
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: result of meeting G7 became passages of anti -Russian and anti -Chinese nature
Djibuti: brand was released in connection with February earthquakes in Turkey
Lukashenko invited president of South Africa to Belarus
President: Helsinki strengthens safety through NATO
Prestigious Green Nobel Award was first awarded an activist from Turkey
East African community is concerned about situation in Sudan
Erdogan announced Putin’s participation in ceremony at Akkui NPP
Leaders of three countries of Africa will visit Sudan as intermediaries
WHO: In Sudan, during clashes between army and SBR, 83 people died
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 16
Russia and China are annoying NATO
Diplomatic scandal: representative of Israel was kicked out of Summit of African Union
Sea exercises of Russia and China off coast of South Africa. United States is unhappy
Sakhiba Gafarova holds meetings in South Africa
Pentagon sends humanitarian mission to Turkey
Russia rehearsed blow to United States with hypersonic nuclear missile
Lavrov accused Kyiv of terror
Lavrov says one thing, Kremlin – other
Ankara supports Kyiv’s plan
Grain transaction led to decrease in wheat prices
Court arrested $ 1 billion of richest woman in Africa and native of Baku
2022 Year In health: New Ebola and cholera outbreaks, mpox emergency, COVID-19 ‘not over’
WMO releases ‘tell-tale signs’ of extreme weather conditions around the world
Horn of Africa faces most severe drought in more than two generations – UNICEF
UN experts: Independent watchdog paramount to torture prevention
Democratic Republic of Congo: World Bank Approves $250 Million to Improve Stability and Resilience in Conflict-Affected Eastern Provinces
Russia is counting on construction of railway between border of Azerbaijan and Iranian Risa
WHO reported an increase in incidence of Covid-19 in world
People of African descent living under siege of racism, say UN experts: Australia
Around the world: 16 Days of Activism
Mosbirzha plans to launch trading by Azerbaijani manat
Why biodiversity is good for our health
WHO Warns Climate Change May Increase Global Cholera Cases
Qatar World Cup Closes Without Migrant Fund
UN Launches Initiative to Support Justice for Peacekeeper Crimes
Security Council Examines Global Terror Threats
World Bank Grants $70M for Water, Ag., Livestock in Somalia
Global Trade Growth Negative After Record Year: UNCTAD
WHO Urges Nations to Tax Sugary Drinks for Health Benefits
Guterres Urges Gender Parity for Equality
UN Peacekeeping Performance: A Look at Data
Human Rights Council elects Václav Bálek of Czech Republic as its President for 2023
Security ‘one of most significant challenges’ in DR Congo, Security Council hears