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Ankara and Athens discussed measures to strengthen trust
4th round of negotiations on measures to strengthen trust between Turkey and Greece will be held in Ankara
Dozens of illegal migrants were saved off shores of Mugla
Türkiye is preparing to accept Euro 2032 along with Italy
Driving and medicines blocked because of floods of village of Greece
Greece again faced large -scale floods
Türkiye will export to Romania up to 4 million cubic meters of gas per day
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 18
In Greece, they solve problem of homeless animals
Europeans leave their parental house aged 26.4 years
Greece Foreign Minister: Ankara and Athens will soon begin negotiations on confidence measures
Ankara condemned act of vandalism in Turkish cemetery in Greece
In Greece 16th day, forest fires are raging
Forest fires in Greece became largest in history of EU
Forest fires in Greece have been going on for ninth day
Greece Foreign Minister will make visit to Turkey on September 5
Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned attack on mosque in Limassol
Sea turtle has overcome 25 thousand
Greece: forest fires are raging for sixth day
Türkiye offered Greece assistance in fight against fires
Village of Prodromos in Greece is covered by forest fire
Moldova President discussed bilateral cooperation with Prime Minister of Greece
Greece: “hot point” climate change in Mediterranean
Medical workers in Greece are large-scalely left by public health department
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on August 13
Vladimir Zelensky: Greece joined G7 Declaration on support of Ukraine
Beshiktash confidently beat Neftechi on road
Greece Foreign Minister hopes for development of relations with Turkey
European Championship in handball among girls started in Baku
Türkiye increased LNG imports by 46%
Greece: temperature record was recorded
Forest fires in Greece reached settlements
Greece thanked Turkey for help in extinguishing forest fires
Türkiye will help Greece in extinguishing forest fires
Cyprus peacekeeping operation of 1974 in archives of Anadolu Agency
Greece: open archaeological sites closed due to heat
49 years have passed since operation to maintain peace in Cyprus
Forest fires continue to rage in Greece
President TRSK: Operation in Cyprus prevented an even greater tragedy
More than 45 foci of forest fires broke out in Greece per day
Erdogan announced preparation of Putin’s visit to Turkey in August
Erdogan and Mitsotakis advocated preserving positive impulse in bilateral ties
Heads of Ministry of Defense of Turkey and Greece agreed to keep dialogue channels open
Erdogan and Mitsotakis held meeting on fields of NATO summit in Vilnius
Erdogan active diplomacy includes series of meetings at NATO summit in Vilnius
Greece parliament voted for confidence in government of Mitsikitis
Summit of EU leaders continues in Brussels
Sources in Berlin announced steps to “activate” dialogue with Ankara