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And Germany warns its citizens in Turkey
Embassy of United States and France in Turkey warned of possible terrorist attacks
USA on entry of Finland and Sweden to NATO
Head of Turkish diplomatic mission at Azerbaijani embassy in Russia
Turkey urged Europe to respond to stocks with burning of Qur’an
Mansimov lost: court in case of fraud in Malta
Erdogan about attack on Azerbaijan Embassy
Chelik: There are no obstacles to nomination of Erdogan in elections
Foreign Minister of Turkey condemned attack on Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran
Burning Qur’aran radical put forward ultimatum to Erdogan
Leader of Iraqi Kurdistan met with Erdogan
United States require Turkey to close sky for Russian Boeing
Chavushoglu about entry of Finland and Sweden in NATO
Akopyan: Some in Armenia wish good neighborly relations with Turkey
Chavushoglu accused Pompeo
Finland allowed export of defense products to Turkey
Former US Secretary of State wanted to break door in Erdogan Palace
Turkish psychologists continue to help veterans of Karabakh war
Prigogine about “boys-dudes”
Turkish politician allowed country’s exit from NATO in six months
State Department on entry of Finland and Sweden to NATO
Four countries ask EC to ensure gas supply from Azerbaijan to Europe
Erdogan convenes modern
“Wagner” instead of prison: businessman convicted of murder flew to Antalya
Deputy is amazed at difference in cost of drugs in Turkey and Azerbaijan
Tashkent communique was adopted
Russia unfolded combat aircraft on borders of Turkey
Fire occurred in Armenian church in Istanbul: there are dead
Erdogan explained why elections will be held on May 14
Erdogan about possibility of Sweden membership in NATO
Akar criticized Sweden and Finland
Burning Qur’an extremist threatens
Ambassador: Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia should discuss issues among themselves
Opposition in Turkey about possibility of creating parliamentary system
Erdogan will discuss Sweden’s entry into NATO with Cabinet of Council of Council
Danish extremist does not regret arranged provocation and complains of threats
Erdogan announced date of presidential elections in Turkey 23 January
Baku condemned desecration of Qur’an in Stockholm
Italy said wanted by Russian oligarch
Sweden Prime Minister apologized for burning Qur’an
Relations of Ankara and Stockholm worsen
Chavushoglu: At meeting with Blinken, they talked about sincerity of Azerbaijan
Turkey accused Sweden of violation of obligations for membership in NATO
Turkish opposition will present program for transition to parliamentary system
Erdogan associate against approval of candidacy of Sweden in NATO
Turkey wants to buy airplanes and ships from UK
Ankara canceled visit of Minister of Defense of Sweden to Turkey
Foreign Ministry of Turkey called ambassador of Sweden