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‘Your responsibility is not over’ to Syrian people
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation on Summit with participation of Russia, Iran and Turkey
Turkey stated: Erdogan will visit Ukraine in February
Turkey stated that it was ready to take a meeting in Minsk format
Journalists and customs officers merged into some rows: VAT + pen = force
Erdogan: In event of Russia attacks, Turkey will act as a NATO country
Erdogan: Turkey can take Putin and Zelensky and open way to world
Turkey has no debts in front of Iran
Erdogan: Negotiations on F-35 go positively, and implementation of contract for C-400 continues
Erdogan invited Putin to Turkey
Flights from Yerevan – Istanbul will rent from air tax
Exports of quince from Azerbaijan to Russia decreased. Holy place occupies Uzbekistan
Azerbaijan will help Turkey supplies gas
Snowfall paralyzed and Greece
Turanbank received a credit line from authoritative International Financial Institute
Secretary General tells PACE: “Our shared values far outweigh single issues that divide us”
Erdogan received Chairman of Union of Armenian Funds of Turkey
“Greek Dream” did not come true: East MED gas pipeline bypassing Turkey “Died”
Turkey plans to open flights to various regions of Armenia
Armenia sincerely wants to normalize relations with Turkey
Spokesman Erdogan about his upcoming meeting with Putin
Prosecutor General to strengthen international cooperation during a pandemic
Bosphorus closed for ships
In Turkey, they talked about negotiations with United States for F-16 and F-35
Erdogan: Turkey will hold another meeting of platform “3 + 3”
Turkey eliminated 10 PAC terrorists
Hulusi Akar: Turkey can not be accused of deliveries Bayraktar to Ukraine
Opening of borders: Kars residents are waiting with impatience, and in Yerevan
SOCAR is not going to buy a bitumen plant in Armenia
Iran resumed gas supplies to Turkey
Armenians of Turkey are glad to establish relationships: Ankara should treat Yerevan as a younger brother
Rubinyan discussed with Ambassador of Russia Armenian-Turkish settlement
Erdogan does not exclude a visit to Moscow because of Ukraine
“Karabakh” lost to Serbian club and play with Polish
Turkey: detained Gulenists 21 January
Cotton fell below plinth. Officials went for help in Turkey
Erdogan’s offer commented in Kremlin
Head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and Israel spoke on phone
Reuters: Moscow and Kiev is not against participation of Ankara in Deetherition
Erdogan confirmed: Turkey wants to hold Putin’s meeting with Zelensky
Council of Europe and EU launch joint project to support family courts in Turkey
President of Armenia: I hope this time Azerbaijan and Armenia will be able to establish peace
Turkey invited Armenia to Diplomatic Forum in Antalya
Azerbaijan increased imports from Black Sea region of Turkey
Chavushoglu: Purpose – complete normalization. Armenia is also very pleased with this
Military expert: “Turkish UAVs are best in world”
Until end of January: Iran stops gas supplies to Turkey
US plan to approve of Turkey’s request for supply of F-16 fighters