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Heritage of great poet-mystical poet of Mevlana is of interest around world
In Turkish horse, they honor legacy of great poet-mystic “Mevlyana”
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Since beginning of year, over 2 thousand have been neutralized
Greece for maintaining positive atmosphere of relations with Turkey
President of Turkey and Prime Minister of Greece held negotiations in Athens
Turkey: healthcare costs are growing
Türkiye and Greece are aimed at expanding cooperation
Turkish satellite-observation of Goktyurk-1: Seven years in orbit
Robotized surgery reduces stay of patients in hospital
Another meeting of Turkmen-Turkish interdirmy on economic cooperation was held in Ashgabat
Over 30 migrants were saved off coast of Turkey
Three terrorists of RKK are neutralized in north of Iraq
State Department: Türkiye played an active role in fight against deash
68 Turkish citizens and their relatives left gas
In north of Iraq, 2 RKK terrorists are neutralized 6 December
Turkey: military exercises “Nusret-2023” are held
President Erdogan departed from Qatar
President Erdogan got acquainted with Expo 2023 exhibition in Doha
President Erdogan arrived in Qatar
Turkish intelligence services neutralized particularly dangerous terrorist in north of Syria 4 December
President TRSK became “Honorary Doctor” of University “Manas” in Bishkek
Turkey: an earthquake of magnitude 5.1
In southeast of Turkey, armed terrorists are neutralized
Citizens evacuated from Gaza to Turkey arrived at their homeland
142 Turkish citizens were evacuated from Gaza to Egypt
Emine Erdogan made an appeal on occasion of World Disabled Day
Drawing of final stage of Euro-2024 took place
In north of Iraq, large batch of ammunition was seized from shelters of RKK
Türkiye builds export sales
Turkish Ministry of Defense reported neutralization of six terrorists
In Germany on Saturday, draw of Euro-2024 will take place
Turkish Armed Forces destroyed 16 goals of PKK/KCK terrorist organization in north of Iraq
Azerbaijan sent 18 tons of gums to those who suffered from earthquake in Turkey
At climate summit in Dubai, Turkish stand opened
Turkish army neutralized 2 terrorists in north of Syria 1 December
Turkish Armed Forces neutralized in north of Iraq five RKK terrorists
Turkish parliament extended mandate of Turkish troops in Libya
Turkey: stage of World-2024 Cup will be held in modern pentathlon
Turkish intelligence services neutralized particularly dangerous terrorist of RSC 1 December
Dubai: summit begins to work on changing climate COP28
Istanbul discussed creation of an Athletics Association of Turkic states
Turkey’s economy increased by 5.9% in third quarter
Istanbul shown creation of an Athletics Association of Turkic states
In Turkey, they will restore carpet of Herek of Ottoman era
Aircraft of Turkish Armed Forces arrived in Egypt with medical assistance for Gaza
Turkish plane with medical cargo for Gaza flew out of Kaiseri 29 November
Relations of Turkey and Libya enter new phase
Ankara and Washington discussed Gas and Sweden membership in NATO