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Erdogan: “US troops should leave Syria and Iraq, as they left from Afghanistan”
Moscow explained Putin’s attitude to Erdogan
Erdogan: We will hold Teknofest in Azerbaijan
“No one can interfere”: Erdogan about buying Turkey by new Party S-400
Pashinyan announced readiness for dialogue and importance of opening communications
Committee on Rights of Child closes eghty-eighth session after adopting concluding observations on reports of Czech Republic
High Commissioner for Human Rights to Human Rights Council
In Baku discussed transcaspian international transport route
Cyprus President determined to get negotiation with Turkey process back on track
Erdogan: relations of Turkey and US are far from desired level
Erdogan announced “different expectations” from a meeting with Putin
Scientists of Turkic World in UNEC
Parties to Conflict Continue to Perpetrate War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, Infringing on Basic Human Rights of Syrians
Erdogan: “The roads will be laid from Idyra to Nakhchivan”
Deputy Foreign Minister Iran in Agdam
Turkey Special Forces replied to PKK terrorists
There is Compelling Case that Military Junta in Myanmar is Committing Crimes against Humanity
Imam Amili advised to speak not about war, but about world
Germany did not recognize election in Crimea
British reported hacker attacks on Azerbaijani officials
In Kremlin they said that they disagree with Turkey
We discussed situation in Caucasus, Erdogan and Garibashvili
Sadzhadpur deputy minister stated that Iran has a good relationship with Azerbaijan
Turkey discusses new gas contracts with Baku and Moscow
Azerbaijani and Turkish sappers work in Karabakh
Chavushoglu and Blinken took place “Long conversation about Armenia and Azerbaijan”
Plastic Recycling is Clear Example of Disinformation in Context of Toxics
Erdogan from Tribunes of UN General Assembly: “Crimea is not Russia’s territory”
Azerbaijan is represented on Turkish “Technofest” 11 starters
Ukrainian military learn to manage Turkish Bayraktar
Main analysts of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran are going to Baku. Rides and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Iran
Russia announced a diametrical discrepancy with Turkey
In Turkey did not recognize elections to State Duma in Crimea
4 billion barrel oil produced in Azerbaijani sector of Caspian Sea
Gazprom installed a record for gas supplies to Turkey
Innovation continued despite Covid: New UN report
Ambassador of Turkey in Kiantdina Heydarova
“The presidents always have something to talk about”: Kremlin on visit of Erdogan to Russia
Famous top manager will head telecommunication in Neqsol Holding
Kabul International Airport officially resumed work
In New York presented book Erdogan
Armenia stated that he was ready for negotiations with Turkey
Azerbaijani doctor due to Covid-19 requires lung transplant
PKK fighters were preparing terrorist attack against Turkey
Erdogan proposes to create a fair world order
Another sensation from Erdogan: “Pashinyan asked me about secret meeting”
Erdogan: If a meeting with Pashinyan, Turkey will establish and diplomatic relations with Armenia
In Turkey killed Azerbaijan. And then found body of her alleged killer