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Azerbaijanis held an action in front of UN headquarters
Chavushoglu about role of Azerbaijan in energy security
Rubinyan: Erdogan and Pashinyan can meet in Prague
Bayramov and Dumon discussed normalization of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations
Suren Surenants: “A peaceful agreement is a necessity. In near future, Armenia awaits painful and severe concessions”
Turkey postponed meeting of special representatives due to provocation of Armenia
Largest Turkish bank stopped working with Mir
Council of Turkish called on Armenia to fulfill its obligations
Zelensky thanks Erdogan for fundamental position
Parviz Shakhbazov on contribution of Azerbaijan to energy integration of Turkic countries
Special forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia will conduct joint exercises
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan and Turkey discussed situation in region
Swedes will discuss in Turkey extradition of terrorists
Azerbaijani army completely switched to Turkish format
Ministry of Defense of Turkey about anniversary of Victory of Azerbaijan
Guardian: Russians book charters in Baku
Kremlin confirmed statement of Chavushoglu
In Turkey they attacked police station, there are wounded
Chavushoglu: Putin is ready to conduct negotiations with Ukraine on new conditions
Turkish leadership will discuss normalization of relations with Armenia
And in Tajikistan they abandoned “world”
Chavushoglu expressed position of Turkey on “referenda” in Ukraine
Greece placed armored vehicles on islands in Aegean Sea
Ankara accused Athens of violation of anti -Russian sanctions
Chavushoglu about support of US terrorists
Chavushoglu: Armenia should sign a peace agreement proposed by Azerbaijan
Bulgaria introduced State of Emergency on border with Turkey
Zakir Gasanov and Hulushi Akar negotiated
Erdogan spokesman: “The issue of exchanging prisoners was discussed for more than 3 months”
Turkey can purchase Russian fighters 24 September
Erdogan said: in this war, Turkey on side of Ukraine
Turkey against right of veto in UN Security Council
Turkey is looking for alternatives to “world”
Erdogan said that Medvedchuk went from Turkey to Russia
Turkey announced fifth generation fighter
And Uzbekistan abandoned “world”
Ex-commander of Azov told what condition liberated commanders of regiment
Erdogan will discuss work of Mir system in Turkey
FSB announced prevention of a terrorist attack on an oil object
Turkey condemned “referendums” in Ukrainian territories
Wanted official in Turkey fled to Azerbaijan
Turkey: a helicopter crashed with Russian military
Shushi has a new chubot city
State Duma “advised” Russians not to go abroad
Influential young changemakers recognized by UN
Two young children will be returned to Azerbaijan from Syria
Erdogan called for creation of an independent Palestinian state
Erdogan from UN rostrum: “We are next to Azerbaijan”