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Mother Marsh Passed in support of deceased Canadian Muslim family
Continuing Venezuela exodus and COVID-19 highlights need for global solidarity for most vulnerable
Statement for healthcare professionals: How COVID-19 vaccines are regulated for safety and effectiveness
UN-backed report finds no G7-based stock exchange indices align with Paris climate goals
Ruslan Tagiyev promised to Azerbaijanis a paradise life in Canada, but he himself went to jail
Chilliest Spring in years is cold comfort as CO2 emissions rise: WMO
Exiting Forces Should Protect Interpreters: Afghanistan
NATO Secretary General meets with President Biden at White House
Relatives of victims of aircraft crash near Tehran receive payments from Iran
Canada: driver hit Muslim family: four dead
Canada: revealed an outbreak of unknown disease
UN independent experts call for ‘full-fledged investigations’ into mass grave at indigenous school
Secretary General previews NATO Summit in keynote speech
UN experts call on Canada, Holy See to investigate mass grave at indigenous school
Freedom for all on two wheels
Ministry of Defense of Russia will track course of NATO exercises SEA BREEZE
Working together to end acute phase of COVID-19 and equipping countries to emerge from pandemic with stronger and more equitable
Foreign and Defence Ministers meet ahead of NATO Summit
Australian delegation unveils artwork donation to International Criminal Court
No ‘manels’, more gender equality in Indonesia: a UN Resident Coordinator blog
World Health Assembly adopts new resolution on malaria
Human Rights Council Establishes International Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Violations
Ukraine Airline Victims’ Families Harassed, Abused: Iran
5 things you should know about ICAO, UN aviation agency
Thai State-Owned Company Funds Junta: Myanmar
Rights expert welcomes fresh sanctions against junta, urges other nations ‘step up’
UN expert welcomes “new blow” against junta’s finances, urges all nations step up with sanctions: Myanmar
Actress Tatyana Prosvenko who played Malvina
Global trade soars in first quarter, but services still in doldrums
Bachelet appoints Fact-Finding Mission experts: Belarus
Instagram’s global failure
Streets for Life campaign calls for 30 km/h urban streets to ensure safe, healthy, green and liveable cities
Civilian casualties climb, as UN chief calls on all parties to ‘immediately cease’ fighting in Gaza and Israel
In Instagram appeared a new feature
Russia began procedure for denunciation of Open Sky Treaty
Foreign Ministry responded to statements by France and Canada
Statement on transparency and data integrityInternational Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities and WHO
Exercise Steadfast Defender 2021 to test NATO readiness and military mobility
NATO Secretary General discusses military mobility, Russia, Afghanistan with EU Defence Ministers
Deputy Secretary General discusses NATO-EU cooperation at military mobility symposium
Custody Bill Puts Women, Children at Risk: Greece
From where I stand: “The more Roma women are visible, more impact they have on society as
Among Indian delegation at G7 meeting found two patients with COVID-19
Asian Ports Dominate Global Container Port Performance Index
Leaving from Russia became youngest cryptometartera of world
UN envoy Gordon Brown urges G7 countries to fund global COVID vaccination push
Global e-commerce jumps to $26.7 trillion, fuelled by COVID-19
German police disclosed a network with children’s porn in Darknet