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Hakan Fidan will meet with Secretary of State Blinken
As part of COP28 in Dubai, decarbonization of energy sector of Moldova was discussed in Dubai
During explosion on rainbow bridge, two people died
G7 will continue to support Ukraine and economic sanctions against Russian Federation
Messi became highest paid football player MLS
Salt Mountain in Nakhchyan – source of healing
Turkish male sports gymnastics team won Olympic license
Türkiye has successfully experienced domestic system for landing helicopters on ships
Canada imposed sanctions against more than 60 individuals and legal entities from Russia
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 22
India stopped issuance of visas to Canada citizens
Prime Minister of Canada will be able to leave India no earlier than September 12
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
Latvia: complex military exercises of Namejs 2023 will start
Zakharova: Western leaders “interfere with work of all members” G20
Tornado was recorded in north of Canada
Fight against forest fires continues in Canada
Canada urged its citizens to avoid traveling to Niger
NASA reported exit of Cygnus spacecraft to orbit
Plane crashed in Canada, 6 people were killed
Türkiye and Italy submitted joint application for Euro 2032
Ukraine will receive more than 1.5 billion
Turkish President and Prime Minister of Canada negotiated in Vilnius
Stoltenberg told “historical” summit of NATO leaders in Vilnius
Erdogan and Macron hold meeting on fields of NATO summit in Vilnius
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced liquidation of almost 5 thousand
Foreign Minister of Turkey and Canada discussed issue of expansion of NATO
Toronto is included in top 5 cities of world with most polluted air
Hakan Fidan holds number of meetings in London
Turkish Parabadmintonist won 2 gold medals at tournament in Canada
60 years have passed since world’s world
Since beginning of year, Ukraine has received $ 19.8 billion help
Canada imposed new sanctions against Russia
Putin signed Denunciation Law of Dovs
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
Oil is getting more expensive on messages from USA and Canada
Cruise liner Marina moored in port of Bodrum
Premieres of Britain and Canada discussed expansion of cooperation in fields of security and defense
Luxurious Indian weddings in Antalya last 3 days and 3 nights
More than 155 thousand
Tokyo and Paris agreed to strengthen security in Indo-Pacific region
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation expressed service of US
G7 countries will strengthen cooperation to prevent sanctions against Russian Federation
Canada imposed sanctions against year of Nisanov and Medvedev family
NATO: war in Ukraine will expand
Experts established: Nobel laureate died not his death
Americans intercepted Russian bombers from Alaska
Poland about sending Kyiv tanks Leopard