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In Germany, they stated that NATO would not fight with Russia if she attacks Ukraine
Bachelet deplores conviction and sentencing of Aung San Suu Kyi: Myanmar
Athens Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and Rule of Law
Ex-Glavred Azərbaycan Məktəbi assigned money from Academy of Sciences
Russia uses migrants to take Svalki corridor
Kremlin: Putin and Biden will discuss bilateral relations in a deplorable state
Internship program for small and medium-sized businesses in Muganbank
World has grown arms sales
Ministry of Justice declared extradition of a fraudster from Montenegro to Azerbaijan
We received a bribe officials received prison terms
Road transport operators warn of a “perfect storm” in supply chain crisis
Putin flies to India to negotiations with mod
Lukashenko: reasons to lie and die, no
Palestine is ready to revise relationships with Israel
Birkart holders will be able to make money on installments
Family of shekhid and wounded servicemen will provide insurance pay
“Black Box” of Earth will collect data for future generations
Term of arrest of Salim Muslimov extended
Families of those who died in crash of helicopter of military personnel will be paid on 11 thousand manat
Citizens of Azerbaijan tried to illegally get from Ukraine to Russia
Poland calls by Bayden to hardness in negotiations with Putin
Biden stopped perceiving seriously
ECB to redesign euro banknotes by 2024
Taliban returned a part of aircraft and helicopters in countries of Central Asia
Putin explained effectiveness of Russian vaccine
“People suffer disease easier”: WHO did not reveal deaths from “Omikron”
In Armenia and Georgia, Coronavirus went to decline
Britain changes rules of entry into country: this applies to Azerbaijan
Historic Fall of Iranian Fog
Gusar: child fell from mountain and died
Mass brawl in Mingachevir ended stabbing
Party Pashinyan lost elections in third largest city of Armenia
International Criminal Court Annual Meeting
Israel will require a strike from Washington on Iranian objects?
Armenian soldiers died in Karabakh. About circumstances are not reported
Azerbaijani has become a laureate of “Song of Year-2021” in Moscow
Deadly accident cost Minister of Internal Affairs
Nazarbayev believes that collapse of USSR was predetermined
Treasures of deceased on Mont Blanc of Indian aircraft were divided in half
“French Trump” Creates its own movement – “Reconquista”
An earthquake occurred on Caspian 6 December
Ojara: teenager shot his brother, and in geranba citizens of Turkey killed from carbon monoxide
Dad met with migrants and urged Europe to stop “crash of civilization”
New York Times: CIA cannot find an answer to riddle of “Havansky Syndrome”
Ex-leader of Belarus explained signing of collapse agreement of USSR under cognac
American intelligence aircraft noticed at borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan
Sahel Leaders Commit to Ambitious Reforms to Support Access to Quality Education
In Turkey, they talked about participation of Russia in development of TF-X fighter