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Erdogan and Raisi discussed bilateral relations 10 April
Cappadocia for first quarter of current year visited more than 531 thousand
Mothers of Diyarbakyr hope to reunite with children for holiday in connection with end of Ramazan
King Morocco pardoned more than 2 thousand
In Azerbaijani Hankendi, weapons and ammunition were discovered 10 April
Nikol Pashinyan: Yerevan does not mind starting division of borders from four villages
Uzbekistan: festive prayer was made in connection with end of Ramazan
President of Russian Federation: Muslim organizations strengthen cohesion of Russian people
Secretary of Council of People’s Commissars of Russian Federation: USA “use” digital environment to combat “objectionable” countries
President of Kazakhstan congratulated compatriots on end of Holy Ramazan
In capital of Georgia, they made Friday prayer
President of Kyrgyzstan congratulated compatriots on holiday of Ramazan
Kyiv: Ukraine does not conduct military operations regarding nuclear facilities
Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced shelling by Armed Forces of Armenia
Bishkek discussed cooperation of Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan
Erdogan exchanged congratulations on occasion of Ramazan with leaders of number of states
Presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan discussed prospects for cooperation of two countries
Baku: Armed Forces of Armenia again fired at territory of Azerbaijan
An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred in Indonesia
Kazakhstan: since beginning of floods, 86 thousand have been evacuated
Presidents of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation discussed flood situation in border regions
Sadyr Zhaparov noted commitment of Kyrgyzstan to expand and strengthen cooperation with Kazakhstan
In Turkey’s efforts from terrorists, ends of Ramazan will cease in atmosphere of peace of mind
At power unit No. 1 of Akkui NPP, full -scale commissioning began
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: President of France “plays with fire” with discussions about possible sending of military contingents to Ukraine
Provisional Government of Bulgaria took office
In Azerbaijani Hankendi, weapons and ammunition were discovered 9 April
Heads of government of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan discussed bilateral relations
Baku reported next shelling of territories of Azerbaijan from Armenian side
In Azerbaijani Hankendi, 12 units of weapons and more than 4400 units of ammunition were discovered
Ministry of Emergencies of Russian Federation will send heavy aviation to Tyumen due to floods
New international airport will be built in Tbilisi
When ferry crash off coast of mosambic, more than 90 people died
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Russia will leave building of Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow inviolable
Nigerian police saved over 100 people from hands of armed gangs
Ex-president of Russian Federation declared leaders of United States, France, Britain, Germany accomplices in Crocus City Hall
Floods in Russia: more than 2 thousand were evacuated in Orsk
Positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were fired by Armenia
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: Air Defense destroyed 15 Ukrainian UAVs over Belgorod and Bryansk regions
Magate: drone exploded at Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant
Formula-1 won Grand Prix of Japan
Erdogan approved an agreement between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia
Baku: Armenia fired Azerbaijani positions
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported interception of UAV over Belgorod
Türkiye is in solidarity with Kazakhstan against backdrop of natural disaster
Turkish President expressed determination to strengthen relations with Pakistan
Turkish presidents expressed determination to strengthen relations with Pakistan
Azerbaijan President held telephone conversation with leader of TRK